Thursday 2 July 2015

3D Printing Could Resurrect Custom Car Making

The world was introduced to Blade on Thursday, and this is a 3D-printed supercar which has been designed by the leading automobile company as the proof of designing concept based on 3D. It aims at establishing the new technology among the micro automakers as well as to reshape the automobile industry.

The company is hoping that the micro automakers get the same evolution as it has been seen in the world of microbreweries across the United States of America. The aim is to establish democracy in the auto industry and start the new goal for the dematerialized vehicles.

The 3D-printing technologies can easily turn out the auto manufacturing very affordable for the players to enter the industry and build vehicles according to their taste and drive the era forwards. Through this technology the micro automakers will be able to deliver cars ranging upto 10000 every year. It has designed the 3D printed blade for attracting the attention of the prospective players of the auto sector.

The cutting edge product "the Blade"

It is a bi-fuel vehicle which will be able to run on CNG as well as gasoline. It will be able to hit 60mph in less than 2 seconds since it comes with a 700-horsepower engine as well as 1,400-lb ultra light build. It has been based on the node technology of the company.

This is the technology will be allow the small auto players to develop cars on higher scale. The other benefit of the technology is the reduction in the environment impact from the auto making process. This technology will allow cars to be built out of literally any material and the emission will be about one third of the total emission released during the manufacturing of the electric vehicle.

They  kept on thinking about working and manufacturing cars in affordable range and in lower volume. It is about bringing out a world which allows small yet profitable custom car makers globally.

The Auto Industry democratized

Despite the wait it might take to get the new node technology to be understood by the auto makers, we can always see a bright future for the 3D printing especially in the auto industry. Already vehicles are being made by means of fabricated manufacturing. Companies have already started exploring the application of this technology and already show some of the good uses of this printing technology.

Now what needs to be check is the cost of components to that of the quality as well as the price of the printing. It might become cheaper in some materials and others might cost more. There are no special tools required for 3D printing.

Despite the amount of effort is being put in this cost cutting manufacturing technology, it is quite clear that the vehicles will be available to the customers who are on the top of the line and it might be a long wait for the customers (average) to get their hands on it.

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