Tuesday 7 July 2015

How to Create an Attractive PowerPoint Slide

When you’re responsible for creating an attractive PowerPoint slide design, there are several ways you can make your slides look more inviting. It’s important to keep your attendees engaged throughout your entire meeting; here are some simple ways you can create a powerful and effective presentation.

Prioritize and Keep it Simple

Whether you choose to work with horizontal or landscape slides, remember that the main star of your show is always your audience. Don’t make the mistake of spending all of your time developing your powerpoint slide design; create slides with your attendees in mind instead. You do not have to fill in all of the negative spaces in order to keep your audience captivated. Sometimes less clutter is better.

Creating Great Slides

Create slides that accommodate your speaking points, rather than creating slides that leave little room for you to speak. Your text should be concise and to the point, and if you can use images instead of bullets, chances are your topics will be much easier to remember. Instead of filling in your PowerPoint presentation with too much text, draft a separate handout that you can pass out to your attendees after they’ve seen your presentation.

How to Use Charts

Whenever you’re working with percentages, it’s best to work with pie charts and to limit slices to around four or five color-coded graphics. When you’re comparing different qualities, horizontal bars tend to work best, and if you’re attempting to demonstrate changes that have occurred over several years, vertical bar charts might be your best bet.

Colors Enhance Visibility

Implement color schemes whenever possible to evoke feelings. Using appropriate color choices can help motivate your audience. Cool colors are best used for backgrounds, while warm colors typically work best for images that are in the foreground of the slide. If you’re presentation will take place in a brightly-lit room, however, it might be more effective to choose a solid white background instead of a colored one.

Your presentation can be a success, as long as you remember that it’s more important for you to engage your audience rather than solely relying on your PowerPoint presentation.

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