Thursday 30 July 2015

Dyson AM06 Fan


Dyson’s Elegant Solutions – AM06

It is a known fact that Britain, is a rainy, windy island, having little reason for parasols, gazebos or other protective essentials to shield from the rays of the sun with heatwave and the issue of being forced to handle the consequences. With the development of the AM06, which is just one of Dyson’s elegant solutions, it could now be helpful in keeping cool in the heat.

It is a fan and not an air conditioning unit and does not produce cold air itself but draws air in through its base, speeding it up through a small directed opening for the purpose of creating a cooling effect. Unlike the old bladed fans, this is done in a smooth unbuffeted manner with steady flow of continuous air helping in regulating the temperature of the body as well as the room. The Dyson Cool AM06 is a replacement to the first venture into the desktop fan space, the AMO1.

The AM06 has been created to be 75% quieter than the earlier AM01 owing to streamlining the airflow path and utilises 40% less power than the AMO1 or the Dyson AM02 tower fan.It is easy to assemble which need to slot the large circular fan which is known as the air loop amplifier in the cylindrical base and on plugging it in, is ready to use.

Controlled by Small Magnetic Remote

The AMO6 is said to be controlled by a small magnetic remote by which the intensity of the cool air can be adjusted and if one would prefer it to remain static or turnaround from side to side.

A timer could also be set for the duration of the fan to run between 15 minutes and 9 hours which could be helpful if one would want to ensure that it will turn off while asleep. If the remote tends to get lost or misplaced, it can be turned on or off by using the standby button at the base and on pressing holding it can control the airflow.

To save the remote from being lost or misplaced, you could take the benefit of its magnetism by placing it on top of the amplifier for safety storage. The AMO6 is quite expensive priced at £259.99and if one intends to need its services for more than a few days or weeks a year, it is quite a price to pay for a really great looking fan and a cooler way to remain cool in summer.

Best Looking Air Multiplier

A larger, diameter of 30 cm airflow amp highlights the air multiplier’s sophisticated bladeless design while removing all of the base mounted physical controls of the fan, bar a power switch which gives it a smooth, organized finish. The AMO6 is an iterative latest rather than a main refresh and even though only small adjustments are being made to the still innovative looking bladeless fan, it is one of Dyson’s best looking air multiplier.

The AM06 is amazing and once the fan’s inbuilt timer hits the preferred cut-off point, it tends to shut down with just a gradual decline in the airflow till the machine gets completely silent. It is also a very useful way in ensuring that one does not wake up all hot and sweaty and that the fan is already operating to keep you cool as you sleep away. The prices start from £220 for an Iron/Blue and White/Silver choice, the Dyson Cool AMO6 is far from being cheap.

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