Thursday 30 July 2015

Znaps – A Simple Designed Solution in Charging Phone


If one has ever had the opportunity of using the MacBook’s MagSafe connector or the Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable, they would get to know how convenient a magnetic power connector could be when compared to the iPhone’s charging system.

A Toronto based company known as Znaps has come up with a way out that brings about convenience to both the iPhone as well as Android phones with a Kickstarter campaign that is in progress of turning the smartphone’s charging port as well as cable into a magnetic charger. It seems similar to Apple’s MagSafe power connector that enables the user to plug and unplug easily, the power connector to a laptop with satisfying magnetic snap.

Moreover, it can also detach if and when someone tends to trips on the power cord. Znaps is a simple designed solution which tends to transform a charging cable utilising a pair of easy adapters which plugs into the Lightning or microUSB port towards the bottom of the mobile device and to the end of the cable. As the two adapter are in place, one can `snap and charge’ or snap or sync, without even looking.Znaps seems to bring about an enhancement to the iPhone and Android devices though consumers would need to wait for some time before it is made available to the customers.

Znaps Connector Compatible with Lightning/MicroSD Ports

Founders of Znaps had turned to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the purpose of support in putting the adapter into production. The campaign being barely a quarter of the way through with only 24 days remaining where Znaps has already collected $437,295 out of its $94,221 goal which is 464% of Znaps’ goal.

The Znaps connector is said to be compatible with Lightning and microSD ports and is also reversible. This means that one will not have the need to fiddle with it in order to fit it in the right position since the Znaps, which is a tiny magnetic adapter adapts into the device’s charging port – Lightning for iOS devices, MicroUSB for Android, together with a separate magnetic adapter that fits over the cable connector.

Thus the user could just place the phone’s charging port close to the charging cable and it snaps in with the power of the magnet. It can get disconnected without much damage if it is pulled on the phone while it is still being charged.

Water Resistant – Power to Protect Sensitive Area – Power Socket

Besides this the Znaps is water resistant having the power of protecting the most sensitive areas on the phone which is the power socket wherein the adapter tends to lower the risk of any water damage to the phone. The Znaps magnetic adapter comes at a cost of $9 and wheninserted in the iPhone 6 or any other iOS or an Android device, it helps in charging the device instantly.

Due to the magnets in the adapter and cable, one can charge the mobile device by bringing it near the cable that tends to snap into the right position. The shipping of Znaps would probably begin somewhere in November and those interested in MagSafe type of charging technology for their iPhone or Android phone could pre-order the Znaps adapter or they could fund the Kickstarter campaign, opt for a custom pledge and get hold of their Znaps adapter by the end of November of in December.

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