Tuesday 14 July 2015

New Android Malware Sprouting Like Weeds

If you own Android devices and looking for the way to minimize the risk of Android malware infection, so better to avoid the use of discount app stores. According to Andy Hayter, who is Security evangelist at G Data, “It’s recommended to not to download the apps from unknown app stores, but if you really trust them personally then you can go ahead”. The more he added that its recommended to install a malware scanner and on the same time check the permissions option (in settings of device) before installing any app.

As per the latest report of G Data Security Labs, All the information which are stored on an Android devices such as; smartphone and tablet are vulnerable to more than 4,950 new malware files. From past few years, Cybercriminals are taking much interest in the Android operating systems and according to Andy Hayter, Android devices are the bigger, easier and most profitable target for the bad guys in comparison of other platfroms. According to predication of G Data security Labs, There are more than 2 million new Android malware are about to surface in 2015.

Is it just starting? 

Android OS is a derivative of Linux, which considered as less targeted operating system by malware and viruses. But when it comes to Android devices then reality is absolutely different as Android OS is less secure and less rigorous in comparison of other mobile platforms, as per statement of Rob Enderle, Principal analyst of Enderle Group.

Latest reports as well as 2 million figure of G Data security Labs are realistic because in present much number of user’s are using the Android devices for online shopping and banking transactions. We all are aware about the fact that Android OS has more market share in comparison of iOS and Windows Phones and due to that Cybercriminals, security researchers and malware authors are more interested in Android OS. Last year, Google introduced premium SMS Checks and after that malware models started to spread in much faster way.

Android malware and Cybercriminals: 

If you will browse Google Play Store, so you will find that there are several paid and free apps are available and when it comes to install apps, so as normal user we prefer to use free Android apps. A developer of free Android apps depends on advertising to generate funds for further development, however; bad apps have ability and function to hide them in background. As per the repots of G Data security Labs, malware files are new financial foundation for Cybercriminals and in present more than 50 per cent Android devices are carrying SMS Trojans, Online shopping Trojans, Banking Trojans and other malware components.

In Europe 41 per cent and in US 50 per cent of consumers are using smartphones or tablets for banking transactions, however; 78 per cent internet users are making their purchase online through smartphones or tablets. Malware programs can install apps, steal your personal information or it can also steal your credit card or financial data for additional process.

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