Monday 6 July 2015

Lexus has designed a Working 'Impossible' Hoverboard

As there is a havoc development in the communication system, there are lots of changes that have occurred in last few decades in the transportation, personal and public, systems. Hoverboard is such a most modern personal transport solution, which is getting popularity among the young generation. This is such a craze now that it is used in popular film like Back to the Future (in both part II & III) and created interesting impression in the younger folks. But due to confusion of fear among the parents; it has not been marketed so far in commercial manner.

Hoverboard – A Glimpse of Real Thing

The Hoverboard is almost like a skateboard, but there are no wheels underneath like the later and propelled by levitation theory. Many scientists and companies, all over the world, are trying to make the best possible transportation systems by using the levitation theory e.g. “Meglev” rail system but it is not yet commercially run by any entity. The levitation system is nothing but an autonomously fuelled vehicle that runs on the strength of the magnetic power over the ground level, without touching the surface.

Undoubtedly, the Hoverboard is the most modern invention and it is going to be a big success in the personal transportation system. Although a decade ago, it was just like another science fictional issue but now it becomes a reality and already trial runs have been made by Canadian creator Catalin Alexandru Duru and also by Lexus – the famous car brand has developed their own version of Hoverboard and issued a real video of its operation.

Lexus – Its Own Designed Hoverboard

Though there are some instances of “real” Hoverboard videos and news but the authenticity of these claims are yet to be recognized but this time the famous luxury car brand Lexus, has issued a video trailer of their newly developed Hoverboard. It appears from the video clip that it is a genuine product and the company’s brand value cannot be challenged in this issue because the said Hoverboard is realistically run above the ground level.

For last 18 months the company was trying to develop the project in to a reality and only now they are able to prepare the prototype, which has been shown in the aforementioned trailer. While we are talking about levitation; the automatic realization is that the Hoverboard will have a magnet and has to run on a metal track. Lexus has confirmed that they have used liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and stable magnets, the basic product for getting the levitation.

However, as appears from the trailer that it was run on normal skatepark or bituminous road but actually there was a metal strip or layer underneath the road surface, which is confirmed by Lexus. The company has prepared the most convincing prototype and it is very much real with a gorgeous design and look, which will soon be followed by others.

The “impossible” dream has already been translated in to “reality” and made the history by Lexus.

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