Tuesday 28 July 2015

Polite Robots Show Glimmer of Self-Awareness

From past many years we are using robots and now they have many advance technologies as well as artificial intelligence as what we have seen in movies such as; Ex Machina, I-Robot, Surrogate mother, Her and more. But this time three robots have solved a classic philosophical problem to showcase its glimmer of self-consciousness. To do extremely novel experiment these particular trios of robot are composed of three old Nao models and the result were also amazing.

These robots were programmed to think, however two of them have taken the dumbing pill and because of that they were unable to speak (as per technology its only button which have make them silent). But during the experiment researchers were not aware that exactly which two of them had been silenced. And at the end when robots asked to answer that which two had taken the dumbing pill, so all of them tried to respond with a statement that “I don’t Know”.

And since then only one is able to speak the words and it heard as well as recognized its own voice which proves that it was not among the two who had been silenced. After that robot responded, “Sorry and now I know the answer who has taken the dumbing pill and it was not me because now I can speak”. In the entire experiment, not only Nao bots were polite, but also they need give test to accomplish very simple type of self awareness. But all the three robots must be able to get the question as well as they should also be able to recognize their own voice. And they must be able to understand that there are able to speak and they are not among those robots who have received the dumbing pills.

However; the entire test was on the basis of variation with induction puzzle known as; The King's Wise Men. In the scenario of puzzle king have to select the wisest men for new the position of advisor and to do that he invited three wisest men into his court where king was about to conduct fair contest. He asked all the three men to put their white or blue hat on their heads, but they will be not able to see the color of hat. And later kind told them that at-least one of them is wearing the blue hat and whoever; will tell the name of person who is wearing blue hat will be the wise man. In realty, the solution is that they all are wearing the blue hat.

Selmer Bringsjord, who is professor at the (RPI) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York conduct the test on robots where he was working on developing the artificial intelligence systems on the basis of computational logic, however; later his work published at RO-MAN, which is artificial and robotics consciousness conference in Japan. Current, these of this conference is ‘Interaction with Socially Embedded Robots’ and the duration of the conference is August 31 2015 to September 4, 2015.

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