Tuesday 14 July 2015

Samsung Has Unveiled a New ‘Transparent’ Truck That Promises to Save Lives

Most of people had complained of facing stiff decision making while trying to overtake big semi-trailer on road. In order to get past it driver had to move out of lane from the behind of truck and ensure that the path is clear to perform a safe overtake. On single lane roads it becomes a dangerous issue and driver had to stake their life for it. Samsung has unveiled a technology envisioned truck which will help in reducing this problem to a great extent.

Samsung’s transparent truck is an attempt at making roads much safer for the drivers while trailing behind big semi-trailers. The prototype revealed by Samsung uses affront-facing camera which live streams on its back doors the road ahead in order to offer a plain view of road ahead of over-size vehicles. This will also allow the driver to get a better view and to decide whether it is safe to overtake or not.

How This See Through System Works? 

As said earlier the prototype features a high definition front mounted cameras which has the ability to capture full view of the road ahead with clarity and perfection. This view or rather data is wirelessly sent to a live feed on the transparent LCD screens installed at the back on the truck.

Samsung technological solution is aimed towards transmitting a continuous view of the road to the monitors placed at the rear. In this way the drivers trailing behind the truck will get continuous view of road ahead and can make right decisions for overtaking the vehicle without placing their lives in danger.

This Tech Will Work Day And Night

The steaming of the view of the rear LCD panels will be continuous and it will work even in the night with the help of night vision cameras. This tech will certainly reduce the overtaking accidents apart from providing information road hazards in time. It will also reduce the risk originating from sudden braking or animals crossing the road.

Future Prospects Of This Remarkable Technology

Samsung has conducted extensive tests of this prototype in Argentina to perfect its tech and make it more reliable and strong in every aspect. Samsung had specifically chosen Argentina for running it prototype trials as it possesses two lane roads which are responsible for quite a high number of traffic related accidents. At the moment the prototype is not operational but this technology has shown that it is credible and works with perfection.

Samsung is working with NOGO’s and governmental authorities to perform mores tests in order to ensure that this technology complies with the appropriate road authorities directives for being operational on highways. Samsung had made no announcement related to this technology commercialization prospects and cost at the moment. But there is already been a frenzy among the users to try this new technology for the sake of saving lives and making driving on highways a lovely affair in itself.

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