Friday 18 July 2014

The Bapp of all Apps

Askme – Provision with a Convenient Platform

Askme provides a platform for viewers which are convenient and easy, besides being time conservative with amazing results. A free Android app, for the convenience of the users to search for places to shop, drink, play, relax, and even to get updates from active community in the surrounding areas, helping in providing inputs for appropriate decision together with various other details of millions of businesses within the city, is made available for the benefit of the users in the form of `Askme’.

This app known as `The Bapp of all Apps’, is an internal networking tool, an `All in 1’, app enabling users to navigate through details of merchants and listings, some of the best deals made available to users, classified ads, purchases that can be done instantly which is made available, free of cost.

This free app is of great benefit to the user when faced with situations in locating a store which can be traced through this app. Askme provides all the required details with regards to the information needed by the user, be it classified, a local search or even the latest deals on various products that are made available to the customers. All these information are readily available without the need of visiting any outlet which is available right in the palm of your hand.

An App with Immense Benefits

This is one of the apps with immense benefit to the user which helps them in searching for businesses in the area of one’s choice, availability of attractive deals that have been offered by some of the most popular businesses, some of the latest classifieds on mobile devices, cars, real estate, jobs and much more through Ul and a good database to choose from, enabling the user to navigate through these links.

Users also get the opportunity of adding reviews, tips and photos for favourite businesses, read reviews that have been posted by other users, enabling them to know more about good businesses in the locality, the privilege to share some of the favourite businesses with friend through SMS, Facebook, Twitter and email. Besides this the individual can also check-up addresses and phone numbers from the various businesses that are listed there and get in touch with them instantly with the use of this app.

To top it all, additional business information like ratings, payment methods together with various other information are available to enable the user to make quick decision on appropriate choices that are available at the platform and get in touch with them through Askme app.

Bridge in Sharing Idea – Company & Individual

Networking presently is main the purpose of every function and activity of life and Askme had been providing the bridge in idea sharing for both individuals as well as the company with the use of the Ul to direct the user to the desired platform.Their focus lies in providing the best Android experience that is possible by delivering regular updated apps together with the latest features and functions enabling individual to perform with ease and efficiency in the various activities.

Everything is now made available on a single platform which will be helpful in getting all the information from a single app. It is a great choice for users to function with speed together with quality performance.

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