Thursday 31 July 2014

New Social Media That Pays Its User

Every little thought, idea, experience, interaction goes up as status in the social media. Social media defines the progressive individual in the era of technology. Everyone is connected to one social media or the other. A recent social network called bubblews believes that the users who are a part of this network should also receive a part of its revenue.


In the year 2012, an initial version of this network was launched. The version launched was primarily in the form of a beta or test mode. According to the owners, in 2012, there were 2 million visitors to the site from all over the world and with almost ten of the thousands of them posting at the site regularly. From the test version, the company launching bubblews received a capital of about $ 3 million. The owners are now planning to use that capital to launch their developed version.


According to their owners, Zuccari and Dixit, the other social networking site currently present in the market claims to be a free zone while they keep a track on their user’s history and earns profit from them. Bubblews will be a little different from the other sites. If a user writes a minimum of 400-character post, tracing the personality of the user is not that difficult. This way, every user is not just a cookie that the programmers spy on but an identity the owners could keep a track about.

Every post is made public. This way the site will be the home of active interactions between several individuals on topics ranging from sports to wars. Anyone at any point of time could follow and participate in a discussion.

The version that is to be launched is in English but other languages are under work. This is because the test version was not only used by users from United States but also from places like Canada, Brazil, Philippines, Britain and India.


This is probably the first social networking site willing to share its revenue earned from the advertisements among its users. This is mainly because the owners believe that every time an user is posting something on a social networking site , they are pouring a piece of their heart and that must be acknowledged.

The users are unlikely to become rich for they will receive one per cent per interaction and only receive cash payouts after earning a credit of $50. But the initiative must be acknowledged.

The owners believe that the network is not just the place where user stay connected to have fun but we also find students struggling to buy books, organizations trying to raise money for social endeavours and single parents doing their best for their children. This initiative is for all of them.

A survey that was taken up has shown over 62% of the respondents is willing to try the latest version of bubblews!

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