Monday 28 July 2014

Facebook Mentions- The Ultra Revolutionary App!

Importance of Facebook in Recent Days

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular names when it is about being social. Since its inception, Facebook has been quite popular in providing useful and helpful information with respect to various kinds of trending issues and problems. Likewise, Facebook has also recently unveiled an App that is especially dedicated to only famous people.

What is Facebook Mentions App? 

The release of any new App nevertheless gains considerable attention from the entire global media. The rank of prominence goes to another level when it is released by a famous and a worldwide name like Facebook. The App thus released actually becomes more like a platform for the existing celebrities and prominent names. This is because as claimed, with the help of this App, the renowned persons or the celebrities can now stay in touch with their respective fans. This new App is named as Facebook Mentions and is supportable only in the Apple's official App Store.

Multiple Facets of One App

Facebook Mentions is really a unique App. It paves the way for only those public figures and personalities who have a verified page on Facebook. This means not all those fake admins of several pages can have any kind of access to it, thus enabling more authenticity and more privacy. As for now, Facebook has not allowed even the brands and other companies to use Facebook Mentions. However, the company claims that it would do that soon in the near future as this App is introduced to the other countries as well, since for now this App is available only in US.

With the help of this App, people can actually start a conversation with those people, who are most talked and most discussed. All these public figures can share their respective photos, videos and much more. In addition, they can share a Q&A session live only with the help of their phones. Along with that, these respective public figures can also be a part of any important or trending conversation, thus being able to know about the viewpoints of their respective fans and lovers.

A break through Step by Facebook

The introduction of this App is really a wise step by Facebook. Apart from connecting the fans to their beloved figures, this App also serves as a platform for all those who are currently at the infancy of fame. Public figures who have just tasted success and are wanting more limelight from public, can readily use this App.

It seems that Facebook is wanting the famous and the renowned people to stay on easier connections with their help. This App actually breaks out from the conventional ideas and notions that called the famous celebrities to rely only on Media for broadcasting and expressing their respective views. Basically, it serves as the role of a middleman.

In each perspective thus, this new Facebook Mentions App comes to be a great help. It is once a simple application and a good opportunity for staying up and close with fans. By this introduction, Facebook yet again showed it is creating better ideas with better opportunities.

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