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Thursday 15 October 2015

These 7 Apps are among the Worst at Protecting Privacy


Free/Paid Apps Accompanied with Hidden Cost

While browsing through the various apps which are made available from Apple and Android app stores, one will observe that around 98% of them tend to be free for download. However, several of the various free apps together with the paid ones tend to be accompanied with hidden cost which is your privacy. When apps are installed on the gadget the user is prompted with permission to access certain information or phone features. At time they need this information and at other times it does not seem to be essential.

Messaging app for instance requires permission for accessing contacts and Wi-Fi connection to do its task. But a Flashlight app does not need to know the location or have total internet access. Often users tend to hit `accept’ to install apps without checking what they do.

Apple devices enables apps to approve or deny permission individually wherein one can go to Settings – Privacy and open a feature such as Camera to view and control which apps have permission to access it. Another option is to go to Settings and scroll towards the bottom and tap on a particular app to see and control its permission.

PrivacyGrade – Popular Android Apps

Carnegie Mellon University had a few years back, set up a site known as PrivacyGrade which analyses popular Android apps to check what permissions they ask and how they utilised the information with a grade from A to D for each of them. With the scoring system, the score of PrivacyGrade tends to change over a period of time. At times the app which used to be on the `D’ list would get a `B’ or even an `A’. That is because; at times the app pulled its permission though at other times it decided to be more open on what it tends to do with the information.

The following are the seven popular apps which PrivacyGrade a low score -

1. Draw Something Free – D

This app enables the user to play a version of remote Pictionary with their friends which is enjoyable. However, it comprises of several advertisers libraries and utilises the `Read phone status and identity status’ permission to allow advertisers your call log, phone number, signal information, carrier and much more.

2. Words with Friends - D

This well-known app is similar to a fast game of Scrabble and is good for brushing up on vocabulary. But it is from the same developer as `Draw Something’ and is not surprising that it has the same privacy, though it goes a little further with the `Precise location’ permission. Since it does not use the location for the game, it does tend to use it to indicate to you location based ads.

3. GO Locker – D

The app tends to act as a screen lock for the phone, promising to be more secure and smarter than the built-in screen lock on the device. It means that it needs to know a lot about the phone and needs all permission available right from location to reading the text messages. Though it does not have advertising libraries installed, it could send data to advertisers utilising its own first party codes. It does not link up to send information to app stores other than Google Play which could be dangerous since app stores besides Google have malicious app. These could get hold of information from your phone.

4. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets - D

This app from the same company which brought GO Locker, provides the weather and forecast, but like GO Locker, it tends to utilise plenty of its permission to direct data to app markets besides Google Play. After some bit of checking, it seems that each GO app inclusive of GO Battery as well as GO SMS Pro, seem to have the same design and should be avoided.

5. Camera360 Ultimate – D

The default camera app of Android is serviceable, but not fanciful. The Camera360 Ultimate has the potentials to add more camera modes, with filters, free cloud storage, real-time `touch-ups’ facial recognition and much more without ads.

6. Angry Birds - C

Angry Birds was the first modern `virus-related’ mobile game with over 2 billion downloads since 2009 and most of its sequels as well as by-products do not fare well with privacy. Several of them include targeted ad libraries which tend to grab the identify information of the phone including call logs, carrier, device ID and number, etc. Beyond the score of PrivacyGrade, Angry Birds also has the difference of being one of the apps which NSA and British GCHQ had targeted to get hold of user information from smartphones. The improved version of Angry Birds is not vulnerable and they have scored a higher `B’.

7. My Talking Tom - D

This app is a little game where one can adopt and take care of a kitten but its privacy settings are not so lovable. It comprises of an eight targeted ad libraries besides the phone’s identifying information which is sent to the advertisers audio from the microphone.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Boomer Alert: Exercise Keeps Your Brain Young

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

Boomer Alert – Exercises Keeps Brain Young

Baby boomers are aware that exercise tends to keep the brain young and several of them would be pleased to know that using the phone or a computer could be of great help. In the course of the ageing we tend to suffer from cognitive decline but there are options wherein we could slow it down and one of these options is exercising the brain to keep it active.

It is a known fact that exercise can add years to our lives and helps in keeping physically fit and a new study shows that it keeps us mentally fit as well. A new study – Smarter every day: The deceleration of population ageing in terms of cognition indicates that the use of computers and smartphones could make a difference.

The authors of the study were not the first to notify about it. Nora Ephron had pointed it out some years ago. She indicates that we tend to live in the Google years and there are benefits to it. When one tends to forget something, you take the iPhone and go to Google. The Senior Moment has become the Google moment and by controlling the obligation of the search mechanism, one can prove that you can cope up.

The Flynn Effect – To Perform Better

Study conducted indicated different intelligent tests that were performed on people 50+ in 2006 and thereafter in 2012 and it was observed that the 2012 group had cognitive functioning equivalent to people four to eight years younger.

 Moreover there has been a steady inclination among all ages to do perform better on these tests which is known the Flynn effect, which has been attributed to nutrition, education and other causes. However, they studied in particular if the technology made any kind of a difference.

The theory that the growing use of modern technology in daily life tends to increase cognitive demand on the older people which can helps them in maintaining cognitive potentials to higher ages, is put to an experimental test in the current study.

As the authors of the study draw their conclusion observing other factors which could have affected the consequences they conclude that the use of computers as well as smartphones does make a difference. Valeria Bordone, one of the study authors has summarized the results in an interview in `business website Quartz’.

Smartphone Users – Enhanced Thumb Sensory Representation

In several cases 52 years old from 2006 obtained the same score as 60 years old from 2012 and the levels of education had not changed between these two groups. However, it was observed that their use of computers as well as mobile phones had undergone a bit of a change.

Evidently to kids essay at Quartz, 52 and 60 years olds are considered senior citizens. The authors of the study reason and suggest that video games together with the other software programs could be helpful in keeping multi-tasking skills and attention extents high as we age.

Nora seems to be right that living in the Google years tends to keep one smarter for a longer period of time, not for the information one gets whenever essential but for the act of looking out for it and locating it tends to keep the brain working. As per another study, smartphone users also have `an enhanced thumb sensory representation in the brain’ and utilising the phone and the tablet could keep your thumb young also.

Saturday 12 September 2015

Ransomware: Porn App Took Secret Photos of Users

In a recent attack on the smartphone users by a highly luring adult player reveals the emergence of the ransomware in the smartphone segment. A US security firm called Zscaler had brought into focus a malicious Android based mobile application which brings ransomware to people’s devices without their knowledge.

This app was mainly an adult player which offered pornography but it secretly worked on taking pictures of the users through the popular front facing camera used for taking selfies. Later on this app stats locking the user’s devices and demands a ransom of $500 in order to unlock the device with a consistent message on the screen.

What are ransomware and how does it affect smartphone users? 

Ransomware are such apps which lock down the phones and demands money from the users in order to get back the control of the device. It even threatens them to release their private information, data and others or simply wipes out a device. Last month Intel Security has released a report which showed a significant increase in ransomeware attacks by 125% since 2014 targeting the computers and laptops.

Intel security chief had stated that ransomware are quite easy to make which can easily be made by a group of codes and offers great returns. Ransomware apps had seen a steep rise in the recent past due to its easiness of creation and opportunity of creating a large amount of money within a quick time interval. Ransomware apps basically rely on the embarrassment factor which can happen due to releasing of private information and data in the public sphere. Most of the time people’s reputation is at stake hence people resort to pay to the ransomware attackers in order to retrieve the control of their device.

How smartphone users can safeguard themselves from such ransomware? 

Ransomware isn’t new but it has been most on the computers and PC’s for the first time it is showing a potential threat to the smartphone segment which is a worrying factor. Applying certain common sense and following basic principles while using smartphone one can lower the potential being a victim of ransomware.

Some of the ransomware threatens to wipe out the device data which usually includes documents, photos and videos. In order to avoid any loss of data smartphone should back up their data in a regular fashion. In case any user becomes a victim of such ransomware then he can easily allow it delete the data without making the necessary ransom charges.

Always download apps from trusted app stores 

Apps should only be downloaded from the trusted app stores like Google Play Store which has higher level of security measures to remove any kind of ransomware from listing on its app store. Smartphone users should never download apps from the download link given in the mails.

Furthermore if you are a victim of current adult player ransomware then simply reboot your device in the safe mode and it will allow you to remove the third party malicious software easily. However this feature and method varies greatly from one handset manufacturer to other.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

A New App That Provides Real-Time Sun Protection Advice

Now to get the real time sun protection advice, all you need to use a new smartphone app, which is good enough to provide individually personalized, real-time sun protection advice to improve sun protection behavior, according to new study reports.

This new Smartphone app provides real time sun-protection advice purely based on personal information from users and UV Index forecasts, as well as basic alerts to apply or recover skin with sunscreen. Klein Buendel, Colorado in an association with National Cancer Institute of US have developed “The Solar Cell app” for the purpose of real time sun protection advice.

In 2012, David B Buller from Klein Buendel and few other co-authors conducted a randomized clinical trial that enrolled 604 participants with 305 individuals in the treatment group. In research 232 people have downloaded the Solar Cell app whereas; 41 per cent or only 125 individuals used it. After the whole research data was available as per the study on 454 individuals in which 222 people were in the treatment group and rest 232 people were in the control group.

As per the study reports it’s clear that there were no significant difference in the number of sunburns, which were for the duration of three months between two different groups. Users of the Solar Cell app reported spending more use of sun protection behaviors while spending less time in the sun like; use of protective clothing, sunscreen and shade combined. All participants from same treatment group reported that they spend more time in shades with an average of 41 per cent and use less sunscreen for that particular duration with an average of 34.5 per cent.

It is expected that “the Solar Cell mobile app” will promote the sun protection practices and it will also spread the harm of UV rays among the public. The other possibility is that it can enhance the use of shade because shades are good enough to reduce the direct exposure of UV radiation or UV-R, but to avail these benefits person should have this app on their Smartphone, as authors said. In second randomized trial of the app, it showed some specific improvements, which was associated with more sun protection.

Researchers and scientists have found that all participants in the group have received the app with wide-brimmed hats for the duration of seven-week through follow-up process and then it control participants, who didn’t receive any app.

The ratio between men and women participants, who used the Solar Cell app reported that more use of sun protection like; protective clothing, shades and sunscreen was 46.4 per cent vs 43.3 per cent, whereas; the ratio between men and older participants were 32.7 per cent vs 35.5 per cent.

Now if you have the Solar Cell app on your smartphone, so you don’t have to take advice from medical experts or doctors as it is obvious that app is providing authentic advice and as well as information.

The JAMA Dermatology was published same study and research in their online journal.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Surprising Apps That You Might Have Missed- 2014


Each year ends with a list of apps released for televisions, phones and camera in that year in terms of features. However, when it comes to smartphones it becomes very difficult to make a list of the applications, which have topped the chart, and the ones, which we may have missed out. If someone will ask as to what they think about the best apps for 2014, we might end of scratching the head with tons of apps in play-stores for Android and iOS. However, ask anyone about the apps that they will not recommend their friends and family, and then you will have a whole list of apps in front of you.

Surprising apps:

Some of the apps that you might have missed out this year and are worthy of atleast one try are:

1. Vainglory :

It is free and for iOS only. This game achieved something, which was never achieved by anyone in the past, and it was not a surprise that it featured in the iPhone 6 Apple event. It showed people how to play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game in a very simple way. Everybody was able to access the game due to the simple explanation of the rules and the objectives of the games. It explains the part of the game, like for example it will explain the player that minions are used like a barrier to soak up the damage and keep their character safe. The game explains the player how to gain advantage over their enemies.

2. Tastemade :

This is also free and meant for Android and iOS. This is completely foodie app. This app allows the users to use perfect tools to make video reviews of the restaurant in professional way. Although the app was launched in 2013 but due to some makeovers, it was released in 2014. This app is all about self-made reviews.

3. QuickPics Photo Manager :

There are lots of apps available in the app store similar to this one. As it is only available for iOS, it does most of the job that is required for iOS photos. This app allows users to tag people in their photos in the gallery and if you are searching for photos of your app, you need to select the tag. This app at present is not available in iOS 8. It is quite surprising that Apple has not come up with this idea of tagging the picture on the phone and it was started by a third party. If you like to tag photos to remember the person in future, then this app is something you should not be missing.

4. Trial Frontier:

Even though this game is available for desktops and consoles, the iOS version has garnered lot of attention. The players have to cross through endless number of obstacles before reaching the finishing line. It is very amazing for a mobile game. You can have more than 50 hours of game-play and nearly 70 different tracks.

Friday 12 December 2014

Discover and Monitor Your Wi-Fi Network

Fing App
Who doesn’t love a speedy Wi-Fi connectivity and in order to accomplish our task faster we get a Wi-Fi network connected. But do we have any idea about the Wi-Fi network on which we rely? Many times we complain that our Wi-Fi speed is slow or not up to the mark, but do you know that most of the time the problem is from the user end rather than from the ISP or the service provider. You should always be aware of your Wi-Fi network connection, its setup and also should be aware who is using your connection and when.

Fing application 

Fing is that android/iOS application which shows all the devices, manufacturer, IP address and host name that are connected with your wireless network. It is free and fast application which can be used in order to control your network and use it efficiently. Most of the time an individual may configure a weak or default password but with the help of Fing application we can verify the users those are connecting with our network. If we find a doubtful user we can directly deny their access by changing the password and include couple of more strong security mechanisms.

Amazing features of the application

The features of the app that cannot be missed out are stated below.

  • Firstly, helps the user to identify the devices those are connected to their wireless network. 
  • The application is relatively accurate and fast. 
  • Accurately displays the MAC address, IP address and the manufacturer of the device. 
  • It is user friendly. 
  • The application is free from the banner ads and also it is free of cost. 
  • You can easily assess the security levels, detect invaders and solve several kinds of network related issues easily with the help of  app.
  • For further usage the history of all the discovered wireless networks will be securely stored. 
  • If you feel like sharing any kind of stuffs you can do it easily via E-mails, Facebook, Twitter and text message. 
  • The launching of application for particular ports like FTP, SSH and browser is possible. 
  • Within fraction of seconds you can find hundreds of open ports. 
  • For comfort access of the app you can sort by name, MAC, state, last change, IP address and Vendor. 
  • The application merges with the Fingbox to backup and sync the customization, monitor remote network and much more. 
  • The application is available for android, windows, iOS and Linux.
On September 13, 2014 the application was updated and if your handset have an android version of 2.1 and above you can easily install this application in your handset. The application has seen the total downloads from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000.

So what are you waiting for? Get that app installed in your handset and secure your wireless network from unwanted users and maintain the speed of your network. Stay connected stay safe and be in the race of high speed.

Monday 8 December 2014

Smart sports equipment turns phones into coaches

Smart Sports Equipments

What if you have just won the match and walking proudly out of the court and meet the other person, who has just lost the match. You think he will also storm out of the court in anger and grab his water bottle but, instead you find him picking up his phone and checking in the mistakes that he had made during the match.

New discovery

Now we have new range of tools available in market which will allow you to check on the speed of a pitch, the arch of a basketball toss, the quality of a serve and the speed of a pitch, the strength of a putt. These tools are not meant for professional players or even touring golfers. These professional level tools are meant for using as part of the casual sports, starting from a beginner’s level to league level. So what makes this gadget so unique? It is the technology behind these tools which is mainly the amalgamation of increasingly affordable and small sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. Every smartphone is loaded with these sensors giving boost to the developing fitness tracker industry. These sensors have already the total experience biking and running by coming up with different apps like Strava and other wearable apps like Fitbit. Now, companies are installing these unique sensors in different kinds of existing sports equipments like running shoes, tennis rackets, golf clubs and basketballs.

Similar technology is being used by Babolat, which has been making tennis rackets for nearly 20 years. Year 2013 saw a completely new kind of racket being launched, which was priced at $ 399 called Pure play drive. This was the very first kind of connected racker having a trio of sensors hidden in the hollow handle of the racket which has the ability of tracking down the vibrations and the movements of the user. The sensors have the unique ability to track the exact spot where the ball touched the racket, the spin was given by the players and the force it hit the racket.

All these statistics are sent to smart phone app that will reflect this through easy diagrams. The app has been equipped to track even the length of the game and even the total shots, misses and hits. Similar types of tools are coming up for different range of sports. Another example will be the 94Fifty Basketball even though looks like real ball, it has the ability to measure the intensity of dribble, the arch of each shot, and the speed as well. Adidas has also developed football which has the ability to collect information about every kick. But the main point to remember is that these sensors are meant for practice matches are not for the team games.

Professional athletes have always relied on the phone camera and now even the beginners are starting to depend on the smart phone cameras for a quick slow motion replay. One of the biggest challenges is that these sensors need to turn the raw data into understandable information. Well now people can expect every action of their sports activities to be tracked with the increasing usage of sensors.

Monday 3 November 2014

Privacy Apps for Online Anonymity

Privacy Apps
With the increasing usage of internet and reliability on the web, privacy is the first concern in anyone’s mind. When they get online they want to ensure that they have complete privacy. With the smart phones coming up with apps offering anonymous messaging service, the latest attraction is the privacy protection technology, which is claiming to provide expression, location-based confession, and anonymous discussion platforms. Apart from the advantages these apps are offering, there are some serious issues like bullying platform as well as a false sense of anonymity security

Whisper, Yik Yak or Secret, anonymising social media apps like this are basically identifying all your personal data through the platform they run on. Almost all the apps available require accessing a considerable amount of your personal details as well as location information.

These data are often used for geo-locating the user for location sensitive data and post, but it also tracks you as the unique user of the apps through unique identifiers associated with your posts and data. These unique identifiers are specific to the device like the IP address, usage pattern and the phone’s IMEI number.

These unique identifiers can be easily used for blocking any abusive user, tracking software errors, sending push notifications and enable other features of the phones. On the flip side, we can clearly see that the so called anonymity is nowhere available. The service company of the user can be asked for handing over the user data if required by government or law enforcement. The fact is that all the above mentioned anonymous apps have this information mentioned in their privacy statements.

Contrary to some other apps which make no such claims, apps like Whisper who have claimed to provide anonymity is simply incorrect. These companies can, however lure a person based on their security statements and may cause damage which can come back to haunt the user. The truth is that these apps can’t provide the anonymity that you are looking for. The true meaning of anonymity lies in complete identity and technical anonymity.

Anonymity should be something which doesn’t allow the user to be tracked through geo-location, their IP address, usage patterns and other forms of phone identification. This can be achieved through robust usage of technologies like Tor properly.

Till this is achieved, what one should receive is the pseudonymity through which the app developers promise data accessibility harder than before. Lack of anonymity can certainly help and increase the use of bullying. These apps are targeted towards young people and school going children who are particularly susceptible to bullying.

App like Yik Yak has been working out on ways to tackle bullying by blocking the users who use abusive or offensive language and posts. They have been constantly removing negatively rated posts, but still there is a considerable amount of bullying problem.

The Society is looking for apps which will ensure that their children and young people are safe from bullying by building safeguards in the social media technology. Anonymity is very difficult and today’s society is shaping up technology, which shapes up the society in turn. Users need to be aware of the potential problems before trusting any app offering complete anonymity.

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Now “Sight” For Blinds through New Smartphone App

New Smartphone App
A new computer programs have been getting lots accolades as it has been able to give life changing sight experience to the blind people. This new program has been named as KNFB Reader app. Through this app the user will be able to listen to an audio read-back of the printed materials. As per the blind people they life will become much easier with this app. It will have a contribution from reading the menus to study text, etc.

Jonathan Mosen, who has been blind from birth, is now able to spend his evening snapping photos of his son’s report card, mail, books and magazines. Within seconds he was able to hear the audio of the printed word that was captured by the camera. This is due to the new app available on Apple Inc iPhone.

Mosen, who is an assistive technology consultant from New Zealand couldn’t believe the accuracy given by the app. This application has been able to receive rave reviews since the first day it was made available and has been tagged as the life-changer for them. According to blind people KNFB Reader app will be able to provide them a completely new level of engagement in their life.

This app has been currently priced at $99, but it's the outcome of the hard work put forth by Ray Kurzweil, who is a well-known artificial-intelligence scientist and senior Google employee and National Federation of the Blind.

This team has a 4 decade long relationship. As per their website, the technical development of this app is due to the Sensotec NV, a Belgium-based company and K-NFB Reading Technology Inc. Kurzweil not only demonstrated the app usage but also stated that it can very much replace the sighted advisors.

How the app works? 

This app takes the advantage of the image processing and pattern recognition technology as well as the latest smart phone hardware and allows its user to use the camera and it will read the printed material. People who have the refreshable Braille display will be able to take the picture of the documents and gets the same displayed in Braille.

Users of this app have given positive reviews about the new app. Among all the reviews one of the first users Gordon Luke stated that he used to this app to read the information to Scottish Referendum polling.

According to Kurzweil Android users should be expecting this app on the platform as well and they might try out this app for Google glass as well. For them it makes more sense as one will be able to direct the camera with their head.

The KNFB Reader app has been released at a time when there is serious crisis in the technology industry. At the moments critics are worried that most of the companies are involved in developing software programs for adding additional features in gaming, video and photos but failing to address some of the serious issues which have been covered through this new app.

There are people who feel that there was time when they really needed a app like KNPB but now that they have got what they wanted, it will only have a positive impact on the industry.

Sunday 24 August 2014

5 Apps That Will Make Spellbound

Mosquito Repellent
Nowadays, smartphones & tablets have become indispensible tools to an average person. Being “smart”, these gadgets are famous for providing users with innovative apps, which are capable of helping day-to-day life. Apple’s iOs & Google’s Android are the most notable smartphone/tablet operating systems & each of them boasts a plethora of apps capable of performing a wide range of tasks. These apps can be obtained from iStore (in case of Apple devices) or the Google Play Store (applicable for Android compatible devices). Most of these softwares are free & easily available but an internet connection is necessary for installation purposes. Discussed below are 5apps which are special in terms of their innovative approach & usefulness in day to day life: -
  • Translator: - Language translator is an effective tool as an average person can come across multiple languages, which are unknown to him/her during his course of life, especially f he/she is a travelling professional or tourist. Google Translator helps users identify over 80 languages. It is available for freeon both iStore as well as Play Store. It is capable of identifying speech, texts even photos (only on android devices). It is a free to download app, though a running internet connection is needed for usage. 
  • Encryptor: - Calls can now be made secure via ZRTP & AES 128 encryption. The man advantage being, improved privacy. Apple has Signal while Android users can use Redphone to encrypt their call. It is necessary that both callers involved have the necessary software installed on their devices. Service charges are nonexistent.
  • Mosquito Repellent: -Smartphone apps can now be used to drive off mosquitoes as well. A high frequency sound is generated by the device once the concerned software is installed. People can rest easy as human ears are impervious to such high frequency sounds. Iphone users can use Anti-Mosquito Sonic Repeller while android users can go for Mosquito Go Away. Thanks to these apps, hanging outdoors can become a lot more pleasant than usual.
  • Sleep Analyst: - Sleep is one of the most vital body functions necessary for maintaining a healthy life. The app known as Sleep Cycle Alarm is a useful little tool designed to help users attain a proper sleep. Once activated, it records sleep patterns before displaying detailed analysis to users. Once all such information is compiled, it creates alarm schedules in such a way that the user is ensured a proper sleep. It is very effective in maintaining life quality though time durations in attaining desirable results can vary from person to person.
  • Live Scanner: - Real life emergencies require fast & effective retrieval of relevant information to ease such situations. Scanner Radio as well as Emergency Radio are apps, which make live information such as weather updates, air traffic, NOAA notifications, police activity etc easily available to users. Scanner Radio is available for free on both iStore & Play Store.
The above discussed apps are a must have for a modern smartphone user & they can count on these apps to enrich their lives.

Monday 4 August 2014

Google Now Launcher Comes To New Smartphones

Google Now Launcher
Recently the Google Launcher received major update and a small update happened today, and although there is no much new in the application itself, it appears, according to sources, some interesting highlights and few changes in the list of compatible phones.

For now, it seems that changes are still being rolled out, but we can see the devices benefited; they are such as the HTC One M8, One E8, One Mini 2, Desire 816, Huawei Ascend and LG P7 to G3 etc. The Google Now Launcher for Android Smartphones and tablets is now available for devices running on Android 4.1 or higher. So far, the Google Now launcher ran with emphasis on the personal assistant only on Android devices with Android 4.4.

 Few months before, Google launched its launcher as the Google Experience, but it was reserved exclusively for Smartphone Nexus 5 users by that time and other phone users were offended by this and Google retorted that this deployment was that a real test before a wider distribution. The user can also access the Voice Search with keyword "OK Google" anywhere on the home screen.

First, Google had brought the now-Launcher only on the Nexus 5 and later compatibility for Android devices with Kitkat has been extended. The giant had started playing the game by opening the application later, now Google Launcher Now cane be updated for all Nexus phones and Google Play Edition. It is all relatively easy to install tweak 'a bit of other Smartphones and tablets, but now things formalize.

It seems logical that this opening of the launcher starts up, it is already compatible. We already knew by that we could integrate Smartphones with ZTE default launcher. As a reminder, Google Now Launcher is an application integrating the Google Search app to your Smartphone as an accessible page with a gesture and displaying maps and other information to Google Now.

The application allows you to experience the full potential of Google Now, hence the first name that was it. While some consider that this is still a way for Google to have the upper hand in all that we do, others consider it "price to pay" for our Smartphones are increasingly near real personal assistants. The Google Now Launcher competes on the Launcher market with numerous alternatives.

Among the best known alternative user interfaces include the Nova Launcher and Launcher Action, both of which offer significantly more adjustment possibilities. The Google Now Launcher can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Monday 28 July 2014

Facebook Mentions- The Ultra Revolutionary App!

Importance of Facebook in Recent Days

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular names when it is about being social. Since its inception, Facebook has been quite popular in providing useful and helpful information with respect to various kinds of trending issues and problems. Likewise, Facebook has also recently unveiled an App that is especially dedicated to only famous people.

What is Facebook Mentions App? 

The release of any new App nevertheless gains considerable attention from the entire global media. The rank of prominence goes to another level when it is released by a famous and a worldwide name like Facebook. The App thus released actually becomes more like a platform for the existing celebrities and prominent names. This is because as claimed, with the help of this App, the renowned persons or the celebrities can now stay in touch with their respective fans. This new App is named as Facebook Mentions and is supportable only in the Apple's official App Store.

Multiple Facets of One App

Facebook Mentions is really a unique App. It paves the way for only those public figures and personalities who have a verified page on Facebook. This means not all those fake admins of several pages can have any kind of access to it, thus enabling more authenticity and more privacy. As for now, Facebook has not allowed even the brands and other companies to use Facebook Mentions. However, the company claims that it would do that soon in the near future as this App is introduced to the other countries as well, since for now this App is available only in US.

With the help of this App, people can actually start a conversation with those people, who are most talked and most discussed. All these public figures can share their respective photos, videos and much more. In addition, they can share a Q&A session live only with the help of their phones. Along with that, these respective public figures can also be a part of any important or trending conversation, thus being able to know about the viewpoints of their respective fans and lovers.

A break through Step by Facebook

The introduction of this App is really a wise step by Facebook. Apart from connecting the fans to their beloved figures, this App also serves as a platform for all those who are currently at the infancy of fame. Public figures who have just tasted success and are wanting more limelight from public, can readily use this App.

It seems that Facebook is wanting the famous and the renowned people to stay on easier connections with their help. This App actually breaks out from the conventional ideas and notions that called the famous celebrities to rely only on Media for broadcasting and expressing their respective views. Basically, it serves as the role of a middleman.

In each perspective thus, this new Facebook Mentions App comes to be a great help. It is once a simple application and a good opportunity for staying up and close with fans. By this introduction, Facebook yet again showed it is creating better ideas with better opportunities.

Thursday 24 July 2014

Windows 8.1 Lets you Stay Healthier with Fitbit App

 Fitbit App
Windows Phones in the Market

Windows Phone is one of the most revolutionary merchandise that dominates the whole mobile phone market. While Android has been leading the market for quite a long time, the whole range of Windows Phones seem to take a good lead in this competition as well.

Importance of Apps

Applications or rather Apps have always had a special place in today's smartphones. Likewise, Microsoft too understanding this fact is keeping up to date with the most recent and most important Apps. The much-awaited release of Window 8.1 also is loaded with a whole lot of Apps.

One such App, which is confirmed to be given along with the Windows 8.1 version, is the Fitbit App. Especially for all those who are really health conscious and love to stay fit no matter what may come, this App is quite beneficial. In its essence, it is basically a health management service. This App actually monitors the regular activities of any person. As for example, it tracks the sleeps of one and also about that person's respective weight.

Windows phones users can now easily maintain a healthy body. For using this App, the user must have a Fitbit account and if one does not have that he or she needs to sign up which has been kept free by the Fitbit Company. Having an account will not only let the user use the App as per his or her needs and requirements, but will also enable him or her to use the other Fitbit devices as well.

Features Users can Avail

This useful healthy App includes such important tools and information that will be able to synchronize the life of any one. It provides daily historical graphs, that lets the user to understand of his or her steps, calorie burn as well as floor climbing patterns.

Also it provides a BMI trend graphing. Basically it tracks the daily activities that any normal person faces in real life. Knowing all about the daily processes, any person is liable to know what is right or wrong for health, following which the proper activities can be taken into account.

Moreover, since they are coming with a Windows 8.1 combination, things become simply smoother and faster. One can track the daily activities on the go, no matter which place is it or what time is it. Also with the help of this App, users can measure themselves against the present Fitbit friends.

A Wise Decision

The introduction of the Fitbit App is really useful as well as important in order to stay ahead in the competition. Like in Android and IOS phones, Microsoft in order to hold an important and competitive rank in the smartphones market, needed to take this step.

In each aspect, this step taken by Microsoft is indeed a wise one. It breaks free from the conventional Apps that are generally presented by the Windows, like Xbox games and social networking applications. Microsoft like always thus is successful again to present a literally “healthy” competition.

Saturday 5 April 2014

New Free Caller ID App “Holaa” Launched to Take On TrueCaller

This free caller ID app allow the call receiver to identify the caller’s name, location, present photo, network and it also help to block the spam calls. 

Nimbuzz, a new call telecom group announced the launch of new platform “Holaa” for call management. Latest appHolaa” was created in India by the team of young developers, which allow the users to identify the name, location, his or her photo during an incoming call with the advantage of spam calls blocking. Nimbuzz, a VoIP service provider and mobile messaging company was acquired by UK-based Company and last month ISP New Telecom has launched the Android dialer app named as “Holaa”.

According to officials, Nimbuzz doesn’t have any future plans to release the Holaa on an iOS version because its targeting the emerging market not existing one. Soon Holaa will be launched in other countries such as; South Asia, where Nimbuzz has a strong market and also in the Middle East.

Holaa vs Truecaller: 

After the launch “Holaa” is considering as the competitor of Truecaller,but according to reports there isn’t something new as Truecaller also provides a advantage of spam call blocking, however the last month Truecaller had launched a new dialer app known as Truedialler for Android Phones & Windows Phone, which provides the info about the caller and also allow the user to search the unknown number on Truecaller.

Truedialler app searches both the Truecaller’s database and as well as user’s phonebook to provide the missing information about any specific number. As in India many of the users are getting a lot of unwanted calls, so TrueCaller app is extremely in Indians than western countries.

Features of “Holaa”: 

Holaa is one of the call management app which provides standard features such as; caller ID, in which user get the information about callers photo, location, network, & email ID with the caller name by phonebook synchronization and Facebook & Google accounts.

It also gives the missed call alerts and its activity tracker, which keep the tabs on duration the calls so that you can track the call duration. Holaa also provides the feature named as Smart Search, which allow the user to search for a any particular contact based on location, photo, name or email ID of the person.

The other interesting feature is call Merge, it provides the new information about a contact and allow the user to add the caller in phonebook instantly. For spam blocking Holaa app collects the information about spam-marked numbers on a a central server for proper function and if spam-marked number from any users calls, so app automatically identifies the number and blocks the same.

But for spam blocking users should have the active data connection or Wi-Fi network to look up spam-marked numbers from the database of central server. In present Holaa is calming that they have the data base of more than 300 million phone numbers, which can identify the unknown callers. Currently this app is available in English, Arabic, Persian, French, Portuguese and Spanish.