Thursday 24 July 2014

Windows 8.1 Lets you Stay Healthier with Fitbit App

 Fitbit App
Windows Phones in the Market

Windows Phone is one of the most revolutionary merchandise that dominates the whole mobile phone market. While Android has been leading the market for quite a long time, the whole range of Windows Phones seem to take a good lead in this competition as well.

Importance of Apps

Applications or rather Apps have always had a special place in today's smartphones. Likewise, Microsoft too understanding this fact is keeping up to date with the most recent and most important Apps. The much-awaited release of Window 8.1 also is loaded with a whole lot of Apps.

One such App, which is confirmed to be given along with the Windows 8.1 version, is the Fitbit App. Especially for all those who are really health conscious and love to stay fit no matter what may come, this App is quite beneficial. In its essence, it is basically a health management service. This App actually monitors the regular activities of any person. As for example, it tracks the sleeps of one and also about that person's respective weight.

Windows phones users can now easily maintain a healthy body. For using this App, the user must have a Fitbit account and if one does not have that he or she needs to sign up which has been kept free by the Fitbit Company. Having an account will not only let the user use the App as per his or her needs and requirements, but will also enable him or her to use the other Fitbit devices as well.

Features Users can Avail

This useful healthy App includes such important tools and information that will be able to synchronize the life of any one. It provides daily historical graphs, that lets the user to understand of his or her steps, calorie burn as well as floor climbing patterns.

Also it provides a BMI trend graphing. Basically it tracks the daily activities that any normal person faces in real life. Knowing all about the daily processes, any person is liable to know what is right or wrong for health, following which the proper activities can be taken into account.

Moreover, since they are coming with a Windows 8.1 combination, things become simply smoother and faster. One can track the daily activities on the go, no matter which place is it or what time is it. Also with the help of this App, users can measure themselves against the present Fitbit friends.

A Wise Decision

The introduction of the Fitbit App is really useful as well as important in order to stay ahead in the competition. Like in Android and IOS phones, Microsoft in order to hold an important and competitive rank in the smartphones market, needed to take this step.

In each aspect, this step taken by Microsoft is indeed a wise one. It breaks free from the conventional Apps that are generally presented by the Windows, like Xbox games and social networking applications. Microsoft like always thus is successful again to present a literally “healthy” competition.

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