Saturday 5 July 2014

Explore a New World with the Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy S5!

Samsung Galaxy S5!
The Rise of “Galaxy”
The siblings of the Samsung Galaxy S series range have finally seen the release of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5. The phone had been quite high in demand due to the attractive features and options given by its predecessors.

Ten Hidden Features to Know
The all-new Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphones undoubtedly has a multiple range of options, applications and features that make it as one of the most demanded phone in the Galaxy's S Smartphone range. Apart from these basic features the phone also has few more hidden features that all of its users must know about:

  1. Privacy- You can easily enjoy your privacy by just one step, with the activation of the private mode that is present in the Settings section. By doing this some of the personal apps will be displayed only when it is kept in this mode.
  1. Caller Information- Samsung has offered to know more about the callers while letting them stay on the line. All you need to do is to go to the Settings, then call settings, then selecting Show Caller Information. This can be a potential step to avoid stalkers.
  1. Ignore My Magazine- My Magazine is a feature offered by the Samsung to get the delight of reading on various topics. However, many of its users do not quite use this option. Thus it is better to switch it off, by un-ticking the “My magazine” option in the Home Screen Settings section.
  1. Tilt for playlists- Tilting the phone to the landscape mode, the respective users will be suggested for an appropriate follow up of songs with the help of mood, genre as well as source.
  1. Quick Connect- Clicking the Quick Connect option opens a brief list of those wireless devices that can be readily connected.
  1. Entering Text- When the phone's touch sensitivity is increased, you can actually enjoy the multi-touch display either by a pencil or with your own hand while wearing gloves.
  1. Accepting calls along with continuing apps - For most of phones, calling can interrupt the running of the apps. However, with Samsung Galaxy S5, it's not the same. As one selects the Enabling the Call Notification, one can actually accept or decline calls, while the apps may run on the background.
  1. Virtual tour mode- This option lets one to have a series of photos that can later act as a tour guide with the help of Panoramic as well as 360 degree shots. This option can be activated by going to the camera app and by clicking the “Modes” option, where one will find the “Virtual Mode” option.
  1. Priority Senders- Enabling the “Priority Senders” option will be pushing up all the important contacts to the top of the phone's messaging app, from the respective contacts list, making it easier for you to communicate.
  1. Kids' Zone- Today's kids really know and love playing with any phone. Knowing this Samsung has introduced the Kids' Mode, where kids can enjoy using the phone along with learning much other stuff. Once filled with Apps that they can use, kids can really have a good time.
With a whole lot of hidden features, Samsung thus again proves that it can set itself apart from the other leading names. Indeed the name “Galaxy” rightly goes with the phone.

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