Monday 28 July 2014

How To Get Rid Of Google Android Customizations

Google Android Customizations
Android is nothing more than a mobile operating system that is currently developed that Google and is more or less a user interface that uses direct manipulation as the base. Mostly used by smart phones and other touch screen devices, this operating system can also be used by other devices such as car, televisions, wrist watches and the list continues. Although, initially it started as an operating system for touch screen devices, now, it serves gaming consoles mostly and other devices as well.

In spite of all the wonders that Android provides a main problem that almost every user using android Smartphone faces is the interface. The interface used is crucial for if it fails to function properly, it will make the Smartphone slow, the functionality will be sacrificed and the most common complaint is that it is plain unattractive.

Often the manufacturer of the Smartphone installs their choices of application on the phone, which the user might not need and that creates a problem other than the problem faced because of the interface concerned. Here is some simple steps that will help any user get the android phone they hoped for.


The spine of any efficient interface is the launcher. A range of attractive launcher is available at Play Store. All the user has to do is select the launcher that the user needs and install it. This is also applicable for older phones and it will automatically customize the present icons. A good idea is to choose this launcher as the default home screen.

Next thing on the list is to select icons that will fit well with the launcher of the user’s choice. Next step is simply downloading it and it is good to work with.

The last step is to select the perfect lock screen. A lot of options are available. Choose the one that fits the requirement.


There is a wide range of applications that the user is often in the need of. Google understands that, thus, Google has launched a wide range of application that is available at Play Store. Most of the application comes with free download. The user only has to select the application of preference and download it.

Google might have a lot of applications but it doesn’t offer default settings for all of them. This could be because others provide better services.

In spite of all the things that one can possibly change, there are certain things that one can’t. In that case, root the phone if the change is necessary.

Getting a proper customization on the Android phone is no more a difficulty. One just has to know the basic and research on it before actually installing or downloading anything. The best of interfaces and proper applications that support it will ensure a faster, easy to work with phone with all the facilities the user needs.

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