Friday, 4 July 2014

Canon And Microsoft Signed A Cross-Licensing Agreement

Canon And Microsoft
Most of the time the companies are suing each other for patent rights and for a change they now Microsoft and Canon have signed a cross-licensing agreement intended to cover a wide range of products and services, including digital imaging and consumer mobile products public.

Microsoft and Canon formalized yesterday a cross-licensing agreement that involves a number of patents held by the two companies. Microsoft and Canon has announced that they are going to share with each others with broad user rights to help in patents.

But no details have been revealed. But we can guess that this agreement covers a wide range of products and services by both companies in the field of digital imaging and the mobile products.

Nick Psyhogeos the leading Microsoft’s patent Attorney told that Microsoft is hoping that the agreements like this will raise the innovation and where it will reduces the patent litigations. And the both companies have granted access to each other in the past to access to the technology.

Hideki Sanatake head of the Canon patent rights also welcomed this type of agreements and assured that the decision will heads up to the advanced collaboration that represents the evolution of business relationships firmly. In 2009, Canon entered a similar agreement for the exFAT file format.

Everyone can guess that these agreements will help Microsoft to use Canon Photo patents in Nokia Smartphones in near future.

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