Wednesday 18 February 2015

A New App That Provides Real-Time Sun Protection Advice

Now to get the real time sun protection advice, all you need to use a new smartphone app, which is good enough to provide individually personalized, real-time sun protection advice to improve sun protection behavior, according to new study reports.

This new Smartphone app provides real time sun-protection advice purely based on personal information from users and UV Index forecasts, as well as basic alerts to apply or recover skin with sunscreen. Klein Buendel, Colorado in an association with National Cancer Institute of US have developed “The Solar Cell app” for the purpose of real time sun protection advice.

In 2012, David B Buller from Klein Buendel and few other co-authors conducted a randomized clinical trial that enrolled 604 participants with 305 individuals in the treatment group. In research 232 people have downloaded the Solar Cell app whereas; 41 per cent or only 125 individuals used it. After the whole research data was available as per the study on 454 individuals in which 222 people were in the treatment group and rest 232 people were in the control group.

As per the study reports it’s clear that there were no significant difference in the number of sunburns, which were for the duration of three months between two different groups. Users of the Solar Cell app reported spending more use of sun protection behaviors while spending less time in the sun like; use of protective clothing, sunscreen and shade combined. All participants from same treatment group reported that they spend more time in shades with an average of 41 per cent and use less sunscreen for that particular duration with an average of 34.5 per cent.

It is expected that “the Solar Cell mobile app” will promote the sun protection practices and it will also spread the harm of UV rays among the public. The other possibility is that it can enhance the use of shade because shades are good enough to reduce the direct exposure of UV radiation or UV-R, but to avail these benefits person should have this app on their Smartphone, as authors said. In second randomized trial of the app, it showed some specific improvements, which was associated with more sun protection.

Researchers and scientists have found that all participants in the group have received the app with wide-brimmed hats for the duration of seven-week through follow-up process and then it control participants, who didn’t receive any app.

The ratio between men and women participants, who used the Solar Cell app reported that more use of sun protection like; protective clothing, shades and sunscreen was 46.4 per cent vs 43.3 per cent, whereas; the ratio between men and older participants were 32.7 per cent vs 35.5 per cent.

Now if you have the Solar Cell app on your smartphone, so you don’t have to take advice from medical experts or doctors as it is obvious that app is providing authentic advice and as well as information.

The JAMA Dermatology was published same study and research in their online journal.

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