Friday 6 February 2015

Amazon to Take On Google and Microsoft by Offering Corporate Email

A Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon will be launching a corporate email and digital calendar service to cater the corporate clients. Amazon has forayed into different business like film and television industry after setting up the world’ largest e-commerce stores. Now Amazon has set its eyes on the corporate email service with its tentatively titled ‘WorkMail’ that is powered by Amazon’s loud based computing unit called Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon’s ambition is pretty clear i.e. to go beyond the traditional cloud-computing back-end services to move in the prominent sphere of services line of business with its WorkMail. With new WorkMail Amazon is expected to give direct competition to the reigning champions of corporate mail service i.e. Microsoft and Google.

WorkMail Brings Highly Secure Business Mail Solutions

The Amazon’s WorkMail is even compatible with the existing email client software like Outlook and Exchange which are offered by Microsoft to provide email service to big corporate institutions.

WorkMail boasts of featuring a highly secure email service wherein encryption is employed for enhanced protection. WorkMail send the mails in an encrypted manner which gets decrypted by the company controlled key at the other end of service when it is received by designated person. Furthermore the emails are also stored on remote Amazon servers which are located in different geographical areas. Amazon had taken the pain of introducing these security measures to make its new email-service much more appealing globally mainly to the European customers post-NSA-revelations.

Amazon Introduces Competitive Pricing

Amazon has introduced its email-service WorkMail at a price of $4 per month which direct competition to its competitors Google which offers corporate mail at $5 per month and Microsoft also offers $5 per month for its Office 365 business mail. But Amazon though have its own downside wherein it is not offering any additional features to its customers like the access to the different kinds of office document production software suite like Google and Microsoft.

It should also be noted that most of high-profile start-ups in the Silicon Valley relies on the Amazon Web Services for its cloud computing needs due to ease of use and reputable security provided by the Amazon. These two aspects would be key in promoting the WorkMail among new and existing base of customers.

WorkMail would be made available at $4 plan which gives a 50GB inbox limit and by just $2 per month more users will add a 200GB WorkDocs file storage. Amazon is proving a preview for the use who are eager to sign up for an early look.

WorkMail Soon To be Launched

Amazon Web Services is branching out the business with a focus on providing solutions to the end-users. Therefore it has developed WorkMail that features a web-based client for access without any need of installing special software. Amazon is all set to launch it WorkMail in the second quarter of 2015 which a special deal for the customers. This deal simply promises to offers a seamless integration of its recently launched WorkDocs with the WorkMail.

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