Thursday 5 February 2015

Glow Headphones Will Beam Light, Pulse to Your Heartbeat

Innovation and advancement never tends to stop in the field of technology and mainly in the consumer product category. Innovators had turned their head towards making the music products much sleeker and smarter and charming in every way possible. Headphones had long been in fashion for listening to the music and other entertaining purposes based on sound. A new start-up named Glow LLC had launched an innovative headphone on Kickstarter which can glow as per the beat of music.

How The Headphones Glow

This new range of smart headphone is using an amazing new product called Corning Fibrance which is essentially a light-diffusing glass optical fibre. This fibre could be crafted into extremely thin, flexible and could emit beautifully vibrant light. Glow had used this Fibrance to pulse the diffused laser light as per the pulse to the beat of your music. Glowing headphone simply brings the visual beauty in user’s inner music world with a glow.

Features Of The Glow Headphone

The Glow team had worked hard on providing a glowing headphone with added features. These headphones boast a wide range of awesome feature for the Android users. Glow headphones give a 5-way remote which allows users to control the music and forward it through tracks like other headphones. Along with that this remote even allows users to take pictures and reply to different texts. This headphone even integrates the Google Now, Google Play Music and Pandora which could controlled with users phones via voice. Furthermore users can even handle voice calls by clicking on the center button of the headphone.

Kickstrater Funding Is Vital In Providing More Features

Glow already possesses a wide number of features but Glow LLC is vying to include more with better funding opportunities. Glow had kept some distinct goals ahead of itself on Kicstarter which would help in bringing in more functionality. If they could generate funding of $300,000 then it could provide an intuitive carrying case for keeping headphones safe. On reaching $500,000 Glow will be able to hire developer to make glow headphones integrated with Apple iOS platform. Finally on getting $750,000 Glow will be able to bring in Glow To Motion feature to its headphones which allows headphones to glow as per the pulse of the steps and movements. At $1,000,000 Glow would bring in a feature which lets the headphones glow as per the beat of user’s heart.

Glow Headphones Likely To Find Fans Globally

Glow can illuminates for over eight hours and gets charged extremely quickly via micro-USB in 30 minutes. This headphone even lets the user’s listen to music when battery runs out. Glow had invested highly in procuring the best quality sound by working with Knowles which is known as making audio parts for major manufacturers like Sennheiser. However it is yet to be seen whether glowing light and other functionality happens to perform perfectly in real time conditions but it is getting fans and appreciation from others and it is also getting more funding each passing moment.

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