Monday 2 February 2015

Google Takes Fiber Strategy to Mobile with Nova

In present, Google is in news because of its Fiber network and according to recent reports, fiber Google’s Nova will become the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) as per Google’s fiber strategy. Google is a company, which has its hands on every service which is essential for regular life like; each and every pie on this planet earth and it ranges from GPS service to automated cars, from Smartphones to other swappable components and from best internet service to Android platforms. It is a well known fact that as a developer Google is the biggest mobile operating systems and it also has its own Smartphones, if you will believe, recent rumors so Google is going to enter into carrier market. According to same rumors, Google has just picked up steam services known as NOVA on the platform of T-Mobile and Sprint infrastructure.

As per reports, Google’s Nova is going to be the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) and it is third part that uses a carrier’s network for availing their own internet service. Google’s report from Android Police suggests and explains that Google Voice can be the lynchpin of the strategy because it is possible to make the phone calls from Google Voice via data connection or Wi-Fi and it can be the used to make regular calls.

To make the internet plan more attractive, reports are stating that Nova will provide unlimited data, which can do wonder in the market of carriers and it is an obligation of you will make the phone calls through the data connection. Same as other unlimited data plans NOVA will be available for Wi-Fi also.

Fighting over spectrum can be the main reason behind taking the MVNO approach as it is possible that Google can lose battle over spectrum and due to that company can avoid maintaining and building of its own towers in all over the nation which can be big headache for company, apart from all this MVNO approach can be nice option for consumers as well. In normal way, MVNO doesn’t offer contracts, but this time nothing is going to stop Google as it could also be the perfect way for Google to offer its Nexus line of devices on affordable price or subsidy.

Nexus is cheaper than other phones, which are high profile and non-subsidized, as for Nexus 6 $199 is much better than $649 for Nexus 6 in the Google Play store. It could be good for customers because in simple terms it will add the competition into market, if you will be able to get subsidized and unlocked Nexus 6 from Google Play store with their own SIM card, it means AT&T and Verizon can feel motivated to compete on lower prices.

It will be not surprise, if in future Google will control its own provider, it can be both hardware and as well as software distribution. It is expected that Google Fiber will be turning point for internet and phone services provides and customers as well.

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