Friday 13 February 2015

Once $399 A Year, Google Earth Pro Is Now Free

Recently Google has announced that now onwards Google Earth Pro will be available in free, as earlier it was available in $399/year. We all know that Google Earth is one of the geospatial software applications, which displays a virtual globe that has an ability to capture and analyze almost all of the geographical data. Google Earth was comes in existence when in 2004 Google was acquired CIA funded Keyhole Inc, under the brand name of Keyhole the application was known as the Earth Viewer 3D, whereas; in October 2011 Google Earth desktop client has recorded the billions download.

Difference between Google Earth and Google Earth Pro: 

If you will use the free version of Google Earth and Google Earth Pro, so you will find the several differences, as free in free version you can only print the screen resolution images and in Google Earth Pro you will be free to use premium high resolution photos.

In free version of Google Earth you need to manually geo-locate the any GIS (geographic information system) images, but in Google Earth Pro you will find them automatically and free version of Google Earth will allow you to import image files, which are up-to the max texture size, whereas; Google Earth Pro provides SIO (Super Image Overlays), which are more than the any max texture size. Google Earth and Google Earth Pro use the same imagery, however Google Earth Pro offers many additional tools, which are very helpful for any business such as; to create animation movies and to measure the areas of circles or polygons. Google Earth Pro will help you to ma the multiple points in one sitting and it will let you to access the graphic, demographic and traffic data layers.

From past 10 years, businesses, researchers, scientists, individuals and hobbyists are using the Google Earth Pro in all over the world for different purposes such as; to place the solar panels on rooftops and more. Google Earth Pro has many easy to use feature, which offer the detail imagery of Google Earth with the advantage of additional tools, which help to measure 3D buildings and to print high resolution images for reports, presentations and to record HD movies of virtual flights in all over the world, stated by the Stafford Marquardt, Product manager of Google Earth Pro.

For U.S. you can find the most compelling data in Google Earth Pro for example you can find the demographic information in reference to age, gender education, employment status and income for the current year and as well as for the five-year projected and these data can be more useful to conduct the marketing research.

It will be better deal for users as pro version offers additional features such as; it is capable to print the images with the resolution of 4,800 x 3,200, which offer the standard version that maxes out at 1,000 x 1,000. It is for sure that some users will enjoy this new offer because all you need to sign up for a key to use Google Earth Pro, whereas; existing Pro users need not to do anything and no longer they will have to pay the charges.

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