Monday 9 February 2015

Bill Gates Is Worried About Artificial Intelligence Too

Bill Gates has joined the ranks of other eminent scientists and industry notables for issuing a warning for humanity against the use of artificial intelligence. Earlier Stephen Hawking and the Internet innovator Elon Musk has raised the possibility of potential threat which comes from the machines if they ‘happen to think for themselves’. Gates has put forward his thoughts on this matter on Reddit “AskMeAnything” thread which is special kind of online Q&A session conducted live on this social news website.

Artificial Intelligence In Sci-fi- Movies

The current advancement in the field of the technology had led to the emergence highly efficient Artificial Intelligence. There are numerous short stories and movies which shows the threat posed by the AI if used unchecked but today AI has moved into reality. In the ‘Matrix Trilogy the emphasis is deemed upon the machines which thinks that humanity is threat and they enslave people for maintaining their virtual existence. In terminator series Skynet computer system becomes sentient and it wages a cruel multiyear war using cyborgs to kill humans.

Presence of Artificial Intelligence in Reality

AI is introduced in the real world by Apple with its voice based personal assistant called Siri. Though it is not extremely advanced at the moment but research is going on to make it much smarter. IBM has also developed a supercomputer based on AI which has moved from just analysing few stings of data to conducting medical research and diagnosis on its own. Furthermore researchers have even created a new computer program which posses incredible AI that can beat anyone at poker. Gates doesn’t find this interesting but view it as a worst scenario where researcher might happen to build AI which is too much smarter than the needed.

Fears Emerging From Artificial Intelligence

Musk had earlier stated that the so called AI development is like summoning the demon. Hawking had expressed his views for an international newspaper in May 2014. He said that short term impact might appear favourable on who controls but the long term impact depends wholly on whether it could be controlled or not. Google CEO Larry Page has also talked about AI but he doesn’t seem to express any explicit fear or concern.

Bill Gates warning against the AI comes from the Microsoft development of the machine intelligence called Cortana which has already been implemented in its range of Lumia smartphones. It is interestingly based on AI character which features in a popular video game named Halo. Cortana is all set to release in the PCs as a part of the new Windows 10 operating system later this year.

Reasons For Bill Gates Giving The Warning Signals

A physicist and entrepreneur named Louis Del Monte shed lights on the extent of threat emerging from the AI. He believes the machines would certainly surpass the humans and would become the dominant species as there is no legislation which limits the extent of their intelligence. They would end up outsmarting the human’s intelligence and even work towards their own survival which means going any extent to save them.

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