Monday 2 February 2015

Self-Powered Smart Keyboard Can Self-Clean and Identify Users by the Way They Type

In the world of advance technology scientists have add one more milestone in cybersecurity by developing a self-powered, self-cleaning smart keyboard, which can identify its own users by their typing style. These smart keyboards can prevent the unauthorized users, who want to get the direct access to computers.

Zhong Lin Wang and their colleagues noted that password protection is the most common way to control the log on function in computers and to see the stored private information on any system. But as the technology is growing, hacking is increasing day by day, so passwords only can’t protect your system from any fraud or hacking as many high profile stories of hacking are in the news. So to protect the computer from vulnerable thefts Wang and her team was decided to find the cost-effective, more secure and user-friendly approach to safeguard the data of computers. Only few of know that our skin is dielectric and humans have electrostatic charges in their fingers, but Wang noted, if humans will touch anything, so it will be charged and these typing styles are unique as individuals and it could provide a new biometric to secure the computer.

In that efforts researchers have developed the smart keyboard, which can sense the typing patterns including typing speed and pressure applied to keys, on these two terms one can accurately distinguish the one individual user from another one.

So if someone know how to open your computer without password or knows your password, he or she will not be able to access your computer as that person type in different way than you. In this experiment energy generated from typing will shift in another small device or power itself, whereas; the special surface coating repels grime and dirt. Team of researchers or scientists concluded this as the keyboard can provide an additional layer of protection for boosting the security of computer system.

U.S. Department of Energy has funded the experiment, and this device was reported in journal ACS Nano that this device can prevent the unauthorized user access for computer. On Jan 21, 2015 ACS (American Chemical Society) release the news with smart keyboard’s security features by mentioning that this keyboard has self-cleaning and self-powering capabilities.

Apart from traditional keyboards this keyboard is made-up of mechanical keys and transparent film materials such as; vertically-stacked. Team of scientists begins with an additional layer of polyethylene terephthalate between other two layers which is of bottom electrodes at bottom and indium tin oxide (ITO) on top.

The whole keyboard operation is based on the coupling of electrostatic induction and contact electrification rather than the traditional mechanical keys. While typing, if finger contact to FEP than charges will be transferred from injecting electrons to contact interface by creating a positive charge.

As per experts, we believe that this new smart keyboard will be better than competitive and existing keyboards in terms of cost and as well as durability as this device is made-up of inexpensive materials, which is widely used in the electronics industry.

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