Thursday 5 February 2015

IBM Identity Mixer Wants To Better Protect Your Personal Data from Hackers

IBM Identity Mixer
IBM had finally developed a cloud-based cryptogram called Identity Mixer which will address the prevalent data breaches and theft in its own way. Identity Mixer would provide a safe haven for the users and it would keep them safe from any unwanted event of loss of personal data in any manner. This service is also going to make sure that suspicious and unwanted individuals don’t have access to the sensitive personal information.

In the years there had been several instances of loss of personal data such as in Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase and icloud hacking activities. Personal data today comprises of vast number of info which ranges from email address, phone numbers o credit card details. IBM Identity Mixer will help them securing those data in encrypted form.

Identity Mixer Could Help In Securing Personal Data To Great Extent

Identity Mixer provides solutions to the users in terms of giving out their personal data to different institutions in effective manner. It effectively uses the cryptographic algorithm which confirms automatically the user’s identity i.e. ‘who they are’ to the institution they wish to confirm without actually giving up personal information by themselves.

To across this dynamic solution straight forward lets consider that a person wishes to subscribe to a Netflix account. Netflix have it own terms and conditions such as users should be 18 years of age as well as live in a certain region in order to create an account. Identity Mixer comes in rescue for the users by providing an encrypted ID card which stores the personal information to such institutions without user’s requirement to do it manually.

Benefits Of Utilizing Identity Mixer

Identity Mixer will eliminate the need for the IT organisations to collect the personal information like age, nationality, address and most importantly the credit card numbers. Instead of manually declaring the data users will have a set of encrypted credentials in place which could be verified by Identity Mixer. This approach would also eliminate the use of sharing personal information by the users and at the same time it makes the process of identifying the user identities for any service provider on Web sphere. Identity Mixer is already working with AU2EU.

The Identity Mixer’s cryptogram could work with any other service which requires any kind of identification like the digital wallets which are gaining popularity these days. Having the Identity Mixer in place will make sure that user’s don’t have to input their credit card details into the digital wallets at all. In this respect this service also identical to the security system place in Apple Pay.

IBM To Enhance Its Identity Mixer

Currently IBM is running the public beta version of Identity Mixer on its state of art Bluemix cloud platform. But IBM has plans to make its Identity Mixer available to any provider of web service either through its own Bluemix or in the form of software deployed on their systems. IBM is even allowing the independent developers to try their hand on its Identity Mixer to make it better with new feature and highly secure in every aspect.

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