Monday 9 February 2015

Why Google Is Making Human Skin


As per the authentic sources, Google is making the artificial human skin as the part of special research projects which is “wristband that can detect cancer, impending heart attacks and many other diseases”. It is well known fact that Google is trend setter and now this search engine giant is developing the synthetic human skin only to test cancer-detecting nano-particles, which can work with a combination of wristband. Currently, Google is working on many health related and as well as non-health related projects to give better and comfort life to humans.

In the press conference, last year Google has announced that they are working on magnetic nano-particles, which can be the helpful to find the cancer cells in the bloodstream and it will have the ability to report back to a wristband. And in present, Google is working on synthetic skin so that they can develop the technology.

As per one of the employee, “New technology will use the light signals to talk to the wristband and it will provide the superficial veins for the wrist, which will be underside. Shining lights means it will use the skin on the different factors such as; colors and skin types and more, so that team of researchers in Google can built the fake arms with same as original biochemical components and auto-fluorescence.

As per the statement of Andrew Conrad, who is the Head of Google's Life Sciences department, “We all know that cancer cells are floating through our body, which constantly trying to kill us”.

Researchers of Google’s life sciences division are working in Google X laboratories in California to make every possible effort to test the technology. This project will help to theoretically detect the diseases and diagnosis it long before appearance of physical symptoms, in short it will us to reduce the fatality rate of illnesses.

The main idea behind this project will identify slight changes in the person's biochemistry, which could act as the early warning system. Google X lab is dedicated to investigate these potentially revolutionary innovations, so that many ideas can be implemented to make it more effective before being made public.

Google has believe that with this technology it is possible to make the cells light up with magnetic wristband and this magnetic wristband will help to detect the them as soon they will pass through the arm in the bloodstream. But still there is question that “Is people will be comfortable to have monitoring system in their body”.

In the research patients would be swallow a pill¸ which will contain the nano-particles and that will be tailored to attach the makers for different conditions like; chemical levels or cancerous cells linked to disease. Previous researches has included that research in to glucose measuring contact lenses, so that patients with diabetes and a spoon can counteract the tremors that can caused by Parkinson's disease. Google has also some non-health related projects such as; Google Glass, delivery drones, self-driving cars and internet balloons in the stratosphere.

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