Friday 6 February 2015

This App Tells You Which Friends Stress You Out, Make You Happy

The wearable tech products and a new breed of apps are making things much easier and simpler for the common people with varies innovations and advancements in its own sphere. A new app is making waves with its unique and decisive features and it proclaims to help in users determining which friends to keep and which one to avoid. The app is named pplkpr which translated into People Keeper and it aims to quantify the relationships based on the collections of data dealing with user’s social interactions.

This app has been developed by two developers namely Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonal in order to help the individuals to deal with the relationship issues and making vital decisions.

How This App Works

Pplkr works perfectly with any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled tracker and it also takes GPS and heart monitoring services under its shadow like those of Polar H7 chest band and the Zephyr HxM. Later it syncs up with the app and keeps recording the emotional feeling felt and absorbed by the user while interacting with friend and family members.

Whenever a call is received by the user pplkr or People Keeper simply syncs with the heart rate monitor and tracks the subtle changes in the emotional state of the said user. It notices the user when it detects a heightened motion and asks them whether they wish to know their feeling straightforward.

Benefits Of Using People Keeper

Developers has laid down various uses of this quirky yet beneficial app. This app can reveal which friends should be avoided by the user during the times of stress. It can also set to block or unfriend those people who make the user anxious or bored in certain cases. It will also message those who make them happy or keep them calm. And for those people who don’t have a heart rate monitor this app can let them add manual emotional readings.

App Usage In Real Scenarios

Wondering if it really has any real life usage or not. It does have real potential as the advertiser or people could use to generate and collect data which can be analysed to know how things impact users online as well as offline. However its bit difficult to get accurate data essentially based on social patterns and algorithms in real world scenarios.

Higher Level Of Decision Making Skills

This app collects various kinds of data and interprets it and sheds much needed light on the negative aspects of the user’s life. The makers of this app are euphoric about this pushing technology which is expected to more personal with time and it will help users in making vital healthy decisions.

McDonald had asserted that most of the decisions it makes is relatively the ones which user’s find troublesome while taking calls in real life. And when an app makes such decisions it just gives bountiful relief and even helps in soothing and relaxing the mind. However team is working on improving its dynamics through use of more complex and elegant algorithm which would facilitate making ‘better’ decisions even relating to day-to-day situations.

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