Tuesday 10 February 2015

Why APIs Can Be the Workhorses in 2015?

We all are aware that web APIs (Application programming interfaces) are providing the new ideas and platforms for today's enterprises and for those people who are charged to build the latest technology to move things forward. Application programming interfaces are the vital part of developer's toolkit from past few years and they are very helpful to build and link the applications. In present, web APIs can be invoked from the internet and this can be the emerging scenario, which on can think of and it is from data analytics to integration to Internet of Things to end-user tracking and more. Roberto Medrano from SOA Software's has issued his thoughts about APIs and its scenario as they can be the end up with innovative job opportunities in APIs field;

1.APIs can provide the better platform for to analyze the big data: 

In 2014, Application Programming interfaces was not just to facilitate the communication and transmission of data, but in reality the application of data can be understand that how these data is going to be used. In past few years, APIs have delivers the tons of analysis, data and insights about customer perception and as well as behavior, which cannot be pulled from other sources. These insights include that who is using the data and how it is being consumed with additional modifications and as well as charges.

2.APIs can boost the use of micro-services: 

APIs are much componentized specifications, which tend to lends itself naturally to break down the enterprise applications into micro services. As per the Medrano, “APIs are brokering different kind of data and apps as micro services can help to construct these apps with the help of necessary services.

3.APIs are good enough to pull the together the Internet of Things (IoT): 

Internets of Things (IoT) are the API-enabled platform, which can extend data to deliver value to its users, as per the statement of Medrano. There is no chance for the existence of IoT without APIs and it is not just about the every piece of data as it can move into a device because it can get the API. The more Medrano added that, APIs are offering the new taxonomy of IoT, which can enable the data transactions at different device level without any back-end processing.

4.APIs will open the new doors for innovation: 

APIs will help to drive the innovation in two different ways, as enterprises are opening up their data analysis through APIs to unleash the creativity of third-party and partner developers; whereas; the second one is API enabled services and products are giving better and latest tools to its developers to allow them to focus on building.

5.APIs can enable the greater cloud integration: 

SaaS applications and Cloud need to integrate the Internet and API can provide the agility to get the integration in rapid order. In addition, we can see the more emphasis on orchestrating, managing, integrating and identifying the APIs to pull the applications and data.

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