Friday 13 February 2015

4G in Brazil Sees 400 Percent Growth In 2014

In 2013, four largest mobile operators have launched their 4G services for commercial purpose in all over the Brazil, especially in those cities where Confederations Cup was organized. Total 6.76 million customers were contracted 4G LTE services in all over the Brazil, which was more than 416.5 per cent in comparison of last year, as per the official records.

As per the official statement of one of the Brazilian telecommunications agency, Anatel, “In all over the Brazil total 1.30 million active users of 4G services were registered in 2013”. One of the analyst of IDC said that, “It is clear that in near future 4G service will witness the growth of 800 percent with total 11 million subscribers in current years and so that it will generate more than 6 per cent growth in local telecommunication sector”.

Last year, local firms in Brazil have auctioned for 4G spectrum and these firms were Oi, TIM, Vivo, Claro and they were committed to provide 50 per cent coverage for urban area, whereas; rest in hot cities of Confederations Cup. But operators have shown that they are ahead of schedule in some particular location especially those areas which are highly densely populated cities in the country.

As one of the operator, Claro stated that till 1may 2014 we have attracted 20,000 new users and telecom regulator, Anatel has predicts that by December, it will attract more than 4 million people towards this technology. As per the suggestion of Anatel research, now 3G services has finally surpassed GSM in our country and it reflects that more than 51.5 per cent of all mobile users in Brazil whereas; in January it was represented 35.9 per cent of all mobile phones users in Brazil, while GSM services are calming total 40 percent slice in total.

Now Brazil is recording the speed increase in mobile connections for 4G services, but the fact is that most of the operators are rarely able to manage the 3G voice and data. According to Brazilian telecoms regulators, more than 40 per cent of Brazilian mobile phone users not satisfy with the quality in 3G services and so that they are moving towards the 4G services.

As per the Reclame, which is Consumer Rights Association, “We have already released the official statement that consumers are buying 4G services at very early stage, but the network is hardly worth the cost of it, since it was initially operated on a frequency of 2.5GHz and in reality the ideal frequency rate was 700MHz and because of this it’s clear that consumers who will buy 4G coverage they will get the 3G signal, but it is possible only then when fourth generation coverage will be available.

As per the numbers of Anatel from 2013, the 4G market had seen 32 per cent growth with the sale of total 730.500 phone lines and two years later the telecoms body states that by the end of December 2013, 1,35 million customers had opted the 4G services. In Brazil it’s clear that due to bad 3G services, people are moving towards the 4G services.

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