Wednesday 4 February 2015

Google's Epic Space Documentary Hits YouTube

Google had recently released an adaption of its own short documentary which chronicles the history of space exploration in order to stimulate its efforts for creating new space race. Google had titled it Back To The Moon For Good-The New Space Race, a 24 minute film which is enhanced with Google’s indigenous special effects which makes it more real and awesome in every respect. This mini-documentary would inspire the competing teams in their effort for landing the spacecraft on the moon’s surface for its Lunar XPRIZE Contest.

Splendid Documentary with Enriching Special Effects

This documentary was first made for the planetariums as well shown in many of those in U.S. This documentary has been narrated by the reputed film and television start Tim Allen and it has been adapted for the YouTube by Google. This film shows the entire history of human lunar exploration from the beginning till today. This uses the 3D imagery, color infographics and superb animations which makes it much more real and authentic in appeal and cinematography.

Space Documentary Opens A New Avenue For Google
Better graphics along with use of infographics and animations helps in taking the viewer right in the middle of action as well as makes the watching entertaining and interactive rather than boring and preachy. It covers all the dull topics like how the moon’s resources are valuable for future missions and others through the use of live imagery.

This documentary is expected to give a dramatic recap of an epic adventure which translates all the even from the early space exploration days to the current advancement without few short minutes.

Inspiring the Contestants for Lunar XPRIZE

Google is trying to give much needed motivation to its contestants of its Lunar XPRIZE. It is a Google backed competition for the privately funded teams and they will be required to develop their own vessels capable enough of reaching the Moon’s surface.

Contestants not just have to get their vessels on the lunar surface but also had to transmit video and pictures from the surface after making it travel at least 500 meters.

The team which would be able to accomplish this incredible feat by December 31 deadline will be able to claim the grand prize of $20 million. The narrator justly has said in the epic discovery video that a large number of children had once played the role of astronaut while growing up but now they would be given opportunities to make it reality.

This documentary has been lauded and appreciated by large number of viewers and other analysts alike for its great video rendering and superb animation and special effects. It even firmly sets the Google against the major competitors like Amazon and Netflix which are actively moving into movie creation business. This incredible and stunning movie also show might of the Google in movie production and Google might itself think into investing in this avenue.

However watching in the 2D basically enhanced version on YouTube isn’t as great as the dome projection which was initiated in the planetariums earlier. But this documentary still have enough marvels to glue the audience.

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