Friday 13 February 2015

Some Common Misconceptions about Mobile Device Batteries

Technological advancement has not restricted the mindset of humans pertaining to the myth of mobile batteries. We are so much concerned about the battery life that we are ready to spend enough to get hands on a phone, which will ensure a couple of days of usage. There are devices that have claimed to have a battery life extended for weeks as in case of Amazon Kindle. Mobile phone users have very specific and unique ideas about keeping their mobile batteries working for a long time. However, on the other side, not everything pertaining to the batteries can be simply trusted. So let us read about some of the misconceptions pertaining to the battery that we use every day:

1. Memory power of battery: 

Not true at all. People often think that they need to train their phone battery to perform to its complete potential and uses most of the charge. They will drain the battery power out and keep on charging it regularly. They believed that any percentage near 50% is good and the phone does not need charging.

2. Other company brand chargers spoil the battery: 

Even though there are some off brand, chargers that are not optimal but they do not do any damage to the battery. As long as the charger is working, they will allow the battery to operate properly. You can certainly opt for an off brand charger from the market made for your device as a replacement with the only drawback that it will not give you the same 15 minutes= 8 hours usage.

3. Overnight charge damages battery: 

Most of the phones are now smart enough to analyze when the battery is fully charged and it will automatically stop charging. Instead of keeping the phone to charge overnight, charge the battery when it is between 40-80% for optimum battery life.

4. Don’t use phone when on charge: 

People often believe that using phone while charging will have negative impact on the batter life of the phone. This is only true in case if you are using any off brand low quality charger.

5. Battery is damaged if phone is turned off: 

It is not true but if you keep your phone turned off for long time, the battery is drained. In android devices rebooting the phone will bring back the functionality of the phone.

6. Charge the phone full before using it: 

Smartphone batteries perform the best when charged between 40-80%, so if you have a new phone, you should be able to use it immediately without charging it.

7. Extend life by putting in freezer: 

Li-Ion batteries are affected by heat and cold hence room temperature is the best. Cold is an enemy and hot is not required for smartphones devices. Always store phone where there is ventilation, you might get moisture but will avoid overheating of the device and battery.

8. Using internet uses lot of battery: 

Only the games drain the battery power. Games should be played with less brightness, but if the phone is on charging then you can keep the brightness on. Viewing videos through You-tube and other graphics-intensive can certainly drain the battery power.

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