Sunday 15 February 2015

Few Tricks Every Android User Should Know

Most of the phones with the android system in the market are very easy to use but there are some easy tricks, which can be used for making these phones, not only efficient but more enjoyable as well. Android being an open platform gives lot of opportunities for customization. Apart from personalizing the phones, these tricks can be used to keep the phones neat and can be practiced for keeping them organized. This will allow plenty of battery to survive all day long.


Google is one such application, which is more like a personal assistant. User’s have to open the Google app, click on get Google now and fill all the necessary preferences. To get personalized notifications from Google, you need to tell the app about your favorite sports team, stocks among others. Google can be given direction about the Google Maps transportation in the user’s preferred mode.

Make use of lock screens and launchers replacements: 

Not everybody can stare at the same weather widget every day. Google play store now provides the user with changing interfaces for the android phones.

Power saving mode: 

User should turn on the power saving mode on their phones by going to the setting menu. Some of the android phones also have the option of higher-level battery-saving mode. Unfortunately, not all the phones have battery saving mode option.

Always keep an extra battery: 

Always remember, the battery can die anytime and it is not possible to be beside a store. If your android phone has the option of replaceable back, then you can keep an extra battery that can be used when required.

Google Chrome: 

Using Google chrome to login to the Google account will allow the users to carry over all their bookmarks and preferences automatically.

Create folders for apps: 

Users can divide all their apps into different folders and keep it organized. This not only reduces the time to search for application but also minimizes the clutter from the screen. To create a folder, you need to press and hold on any app and you will get an option to create folder on the top left hand side. Some of the phones have the option to dragging and dropping one app on another to create folders. This is the perfect example for iOS.

Third party keyboard: 

Users now have the option to choose different types of keyboard and they do not have to be restricted to the Google standard keyboard. Google play store provide plenty of option, one such app is the Swype, which allow the users to swipe between the letters rather than type.

Bandwidth management: 

One can cut down on the amount of the data usage but turning on Reduce Data Usage in the Google Chrome. This will ensure that all the unnecessary whitespace is removed and large images are reduced to a smaller size.

Google Authenticator: 

Google account can be verified through this app. Through this app, the user has to enter the security code apart from the login password to access the account. This allows no stranger act on your phone.

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