Friday 13 February 2015

Get Started With Snapchat Discover

We all know that in present, mobile chatting apps are doing wonder for communication as they are easy in use, provide instant messaging, and they are almost free. On Google play store, many mobile chatting apps are available such as; Whats App, Viber, Hike, Snapchat and more, all are launching innovative services to capture major market share like; before some days Whats App has launched a web version for their apps in the same way to compete with others Snapchat, announced to launch a new service, which will be known as Discover.

Snapchat Discover is service, which will bring the video content on daily basis from various providers such as; ESPN, CNN, BBC and more. All the video content in Snapchat Discover will refreshed on every 24 hours and they will provide the new stories, photos, and videos for view. It is expected that Snapchat will become one stop app for chatting, news, hottest music and cooking lessons. If you want to access the Snapchat Discover, so all you need to update your Snapchat app on your iOS or Android device.

How to access the Snapchat Discover? 

To access the new feature in Snapchat, you need to swipe to the left in Snapchat as main screen will show the new stories. In top right corner you will find the new circular button, which will launch the Discovery screen with mixed result as swiping to left t will showcase the stories screen. In present, grids of 12 content providers are displaying the different stories on main Discover screen and if you will tap to any one channel so that icon will launch the respective the channel.

It is expected that each and every channel will offer a different mix of text articles and as well as videos. While launching the first time channel you will see the message of Snapchat, which will guide you, but don’t worry it will be short in nature and provide you easy way to use the service, whereas; you will have an option to swipe up any provided preview to either watch the video or as well as read the article.

According to Snapchat officials, Social media companies tell us that what are trending, but we see it differently and we love to count on editors and artists because it’s not a matter of likes, clicks and shares. According to Snapchat officials, this service will be better alternative for other apps, as this service is providing various services at one platform, so now users need not to use many other services because here they can grab news stories, articles, videos, and other shows.

In Snapchat discover you can watch the videos, which will have the length of one minute to over 15 minutes depending on the news of content and its source. In Snapchat you can easily swipe down on a video or any other article to go back to the list of content from channels whereas; other swipe will bring you back to main Discover screen.

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