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Thursday, 6 January 2022

Logitech Pop Key Keyboard

Logitech Pop Key Keyboard

The Pop keys make this keyboard undeniably a cute little one. It comes with excellent features like multi-year battery life and easy cross-device compatibility. Besides, you can find a TikTok-friendly aesthetic and novelties-like keys on this keyboard. These Pop Keys' typewriter-style keycaps may seem to you eye-catching on social media, but in real life, these are hard to type on. Recently, pop keys have been available in the United States, and they will be available in Europe soon.

Basic Specification:

If you consider the basic specifications, there is something not right. The keyboard is not rechargeable, but it offers three years of battery life. An included pair of AAA batteries make the keyboard special. Using this, you can connect a maximum of 3 devices via Bluetooth. If you use Logitech's Bolt USB receiver, you can connect a maximum of two Bluetooth devices plus one. There are F1 to F3 buttons that allow you to switch between these. It is available in three different colors in the market: pink, yellow and black; or purple and yellow.

Pop Keys:

Due to the pop keys, you can see a 75 percent keyboard layout. It indicates that the keyboard is more compact compared to a full-size keyboard. Besides, it is equipped with a function row and arrow keys. You are capable of changing this in Logitech's settings.

An Fn key is there, using which you can access the more standard F1 - F12 buttons. You can see five programmable keys at the right side of the keyboard, where the keys are specially designed for typing different emoji symbols.

A key enables you to open up the emoji selection menu. The company is now adding keys with additional emoji symbols. These pop keys are compatible with both Mac and Windows. The function is quite fine, but it may look messy to you.

Emoji Keys:

The critical fact is that the pop keys have wasted five valuable keys on the emoji section. Instead of using these, the keyboard could have some useful buttons such as dedicated Home / End keys or Print Screen. Four emoji keys don't work until you install and configure Logitech's Options software. The key that helps open the OS-level emoji select menu does not need the software.

There is a tactile brown switch available under every key. If you want, you can remap the buttons to more useful keys, and it is possible with the help of Logitech's software. An option can remap these to separate keys or key combinations. If you are a Windows Operating System user, you can see that the F5 key is set up completely for launching the Snip & Sketch tool by default.

Functional Keys:

The key remaps don't remain saved to the keyboard. Therefore, you need to remap it whether you are willing to connect it to an alternative PC. Besides, the keycaps don't match the function if they are not emojis. In this case, third-party keycaps may be a solution, but you have to purchase them. Buttons from F1 to F3 allow you to switch between 3 paired devices. No problem is there with the switches below every button. TTC generates these tactile Cherry MX Brown clones.

The keycaps consist of ABS plastic. Other shapes don't seem to be well made, apart from the circular shape. These come with a coating with a UV-resistant finish. It makes the product idea and long-lasting. The plastic can become shiny over time and wear down too. It is one of the reasons also due to which it is recommended to use PBT plastic.


  • It offers users a decent typing experience. This feature makes a huge difference from a laptop keyboard. 
  • The keyboard enables you to connect up to 4 PCs, tablets, or phones. Bluetooth and/or the included Logi Bolt receiver are useful in this case. 
  • The batteries can be replaced and offer a battery life of up to three years. 
  • This battery features a Software-customizable function and emoji keys. 
  • As it is a reliable Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, the $100 price is acceptable. 


  • It may seem to you that the TTC Brown switches are fine, but these can't match the level of Cherry or Gateron switches. However, it is not for you if you want to use linear or clicky switches. 
  • You are unable to wear ABS plastic keycaps with printed-on legends in time. 
  • You should know one thing that all keycap sets don't fit comfortably but can be replaced. 
  • Some people may not prefer classy color schemes and emoji buttons. 

Extra Observations:

  • No height-adjustable feet are available on the keys. 
  • When you are going to use this, a smallholder can be seen. It is for the included Bolt receiver that is available in the battery compartment. 
  • You can find a small LED on the Caps Lock key. 
Having emoji keys is an excellent idea to add to the keyboard. But it is not beneficial practically because multiple people don't use these. Rather than adding the emoji keys, it would be better if some functional buttons were included.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Razer Reinvents Mechanical Keyboards for an iPad World


Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

The Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case which is featured in the iPad Pro tends to have a straightforward name though its internals is quite different. The well-considered gaming hardware company has discovered an option to imitate the feel of a full-size mechanical keyboard which is intended to be paired with a tablet, though a huge one. Technically and theoretically, it seems to be an impressive achievement.

Presently, several of the keyboards seem to be mechanical. Beneath the keys of a membrane keyboards tends to be thin sheets of plastic, dotted by small rubber domes under each key, With every stroke on the key, a rubber switch seems to push through the membranes thus developing an electrical circuit which sends a signal to the computer.

There are several advantages to this though the most essential one is the size. Membrane keyboards could be much thinner than the mechanical one which tends to make them impeccable for laptops as well as tablet keyboards where transportability could be easy. Each key of a mechanical keyboard in comparison goes along with an actual, physical switch. On pressing a key, the switch inclines to go down and the keyboard then relays that particular letter or number of tilda to the computer.

Leading Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX

The keys are likely to offer more resistance since there is definite mechanical actuation taking place beneath the surface. Moreover, it also tends to need less work and instead of having to press all the way down through the membrane layers, the keys seem to travel a shorter distance for a hit to roll. Presently the leading mechanical keyboard switch is Cherry MX which has a few varieties that differ typically with regards to actuation, firmness needed to complete a press.

 Though recently, Razer has entered the fray with focus on gamers. Kushal Tandon of Razer has stated that when they planned to design and develop a whole new switch for gaming they had looked at it from the ground up, at redesigning and re-engineering what was predominantly, `80s technology, making it to meet the requirements and demands of gamers.

The Razer Black Window, the subsequent keyboard, has been well studied since its announcement in 2014 and it was not long before Razer had begun contemplating on how to achieve a similar mechanical effect in a slimmer form element. That could be somewhat the reason since the next generation of computing would be requiring new tools to go with it since the Razer engineers desired the comforting click-clack of their keystrokes on any device they would be utilising.

Recreating Experience of Full-Fledged Mechanical Keyboard

Tandon had mentioned that the performance was certainly increasing and the form factor of tablet is shrinking. But the single purpose of actually designing the product for the Apple iPad Pro is simply because as gamers they make product which they prefer to use. They miss a mechanical keyboard when they walk around with the iPad Pro.

Razer had settled on the best thing of recreating the experience of a full-fledged mechanical keyboard except the actual mechanics. The Razer releases a satisfying click with each press, with each keystroke providing a satisfying amount of resistance. The keyboard lights up where each key is lit by an individual LED.

Beside this, there are iPad Pro-specific keys which are built-in as one in the upper left hand area which ends you out of an app and another takes you to the home screen of the iPad. A small icon towards the top of the keyboard locks the iPad and the magnifying glass near it takes you directly to Spotlight search.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Third Party Keyboards Give Mobile Users More Options


Third Party Keyboard App from Apple’s Opponent

Before the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, no one believed that typing on touch-screen keyboards would be a good notion and thereafter users have become proficient at tapping on the glass of phones and tablets. Whereas the built-in keyboards from Apple are concerned, Google together with the other device makers seems to be much better than they used to be and are not the only choices available. One of the third party keyboard apps comes from Apple’s opponent, Google for Apple devices.

 The latest Gboard app functions just like any type of touch-screen keyboard and have a fresh and simple design which does not cause any distraction while you tap away. Moreover it also provides all the normal punctuation and emoji through evident controls and also seems decent appearing lightly identical to Apple’s keyboard. However, Gboard tends to have some good additions.

The space bar tends to double as a track pad enabling the user to scroll the cursor around in the text which has been already typed. Besides this, Google has also incorporated direct search features in the keyboard.

Gboard–Choice of Glide-Type/Swipe between Successive Letters

When you hit the Google button while typing a message, you tend to type in a search box. All the search results of Google then become accessible ready to be copied and pasted in the text which tends to get useful while checking up a word definition, checking street address or locating a GIF or a YouTube video. One could also search for emoji which tends to save the trouble in locating them manually.

Gboard also provides the choice to glide-type, swiping between successive letters rather than tapping on the screen and several of the features of the apps are customizable through settings. If the user tends to get anxious that Google would log what you type, Google states that it will not record the messages, whether a love letter or reveries on the latest news or gossip. Gboard is said to be open to all.While Gboard seems to be good, SwiftKey, a third party keyboard app deals with one of the greatest issue with typing on a touch screen. SwiftKey tends to auto corrects the mistakes.

SwiftKey Utilises Artificial Intelligence – Writing Style

SwiftKey utilises artificial intelligence to learn the writing style over a period of time, building an understanding of the words you seem to use. Hence while typing a long message, the app generally does a good job of correcting errors made since it can guess the word intended to be used. SwiftKey also recommends the words one may prefer to type next so they can be entered with a single keystroke. It could also learn your slang as well as emoji habits.

The app also tends to do a good job in detecting the language used, automatically switching its correction of error even if you have switched languages midway of the message. If SwiftKey does not tend to polish your typing skills, then there is Fleksy a same third-party keyboard app which is free for iOS as well as Androidthat has several of the same features. The keyboard layout of Fleksy is customizable with regards to size and colour and the app is said to be good at auto correcting errors.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Why Google Would Care About Making a Keyboard for the iPhone


Google Developing Software Keyboard on iPhone/iOS Devices

According to reports of Casey Newton, Google has been developing a software keyboard on the iPhone and other iOS devices but it is not known if the same has been released to consumers. Google has not made any comment on why the company is keen in making a keyboard for its arch-rivals.

Google tends to make several apps for the iPhone right from maps to its various Google Drive applications which feeds directly into well-known service that millions of users have already been using. As per Newton, the keyboard is said to serve an identical purpose by incorporating Google’s search engine directly in the keyboard which would be convenient for the many people who desire to use Google for searches.

Moreover it would also provide the company with another point of contact with the consumers. Google has been leading in the search game though it is changing considerably since people have begun utilising their phones to search instead of their computers. Google has been feeling the effect of it in some ways, for instance, mobile ads do not tend to cost much as desktops ads and delivers lower returns for Google.

Use of Apps – Increased Tremendously

Though the firm is not in trouble, with most of the $21.3 billion pulled in by way of revenue than its parent company Alphabet, reported last month, this shift seems to be a point of concern for Google. The other problem is that the use of app has increased tremendously, thereby decreasing the overall mobile searches.

As reported by Newton, people tend to turn to more apps, and seems to use search engines less. It is quite normal for some users to search for `Twitter’ or `Facebook’ instead of navigating directly to the site on a desktop. However if someone is on the phone, there is a possibility that they will only tap on the dedicated app instead of going through the mobile Web version of those sites.

The same is applicable for review sites like Yelp or travel sites like Expedia. Constructing search straight in the keyboard could help Google increase mobile searches by making a search greatly convenient. Newton’s report that Google has also been looking into incorporating other features like GIF as well as image searches would add more value to the program.

Search Button on Mobile Keyboard – Helpful

Apple began permitting third party keyboards on the iPhone from iOS 8 opening its user base to various other smaller companies that tend to make keyboards with features which Apple does not seem to offer in its stock of keyboard.

With the addition of new keyboard, users would have to do a bit in exploring their settings though several companies like Swype have informed a significant increase in users since the change in policies of Apple. Keyboard with built-in search feature would support Google in making money, since it is said that people do not use Google searches on their mobile as much as they tend to do on their desktop.

Without the search pages which tend to sell ads, Google would be losing money and as the mobile internet seems to get bigger and bigger, it could get worse. Sticking a search button on a mobile keyboard would be of great help.

Friday, 26 June 2015

This Might Be the Most Beautiful Keyboard Ever Made

When it comes to computer, very less attention is given to the good old as well as the humble keyboards. They are considered like the utilitarian devices which are meant for helping people to carry out their computer functions as well as let the computer know our commands.

However, if these keyboards can be turned out to become a piece of art, something people might find pleasure looking at it for being gorgeous and waiting to get their hands on it. This is the main idea behind the new Keyboardio Model 01, which is a unique keyboard and has been able to pull lots of money being on Kickstarter. A single glance at the model is enough to let you know that it is different. There are many of us, who have already seen split keyboards, but nothing can match or look this till not.

It can be considered as a simple hint that it might a good time to mix nature with our automated world and technology. The Model 01 has been given a butterfly shape in the body and has been made out of hardwood maple, which allows smooth tree rings all around the keys.

The key switches have been made mechanical and the creators of 01 made them similar to the ones which are found on the Apple II. Each Keycap has been custom sculpted but still the layout of the keyboard has been based on the QWERTY layout. But despite this all the keys swoop all over the board in waves. The description of the product looks and sounds to very poetic, it sounds like someone was trying to make the keyboard feel like a musical instrument. The Model 01 is nothing like the previous keyboards, it is dynamic. The users can keep it laying flat, split it apart, it can be raised in the center and make it look like tripod, and it suits the typing style of every person. People, who are into flair, will truly appreciate the LEDs which have been tucked under every key and that too these are programmable.

This keyboard is piece of modern art which is functional. The project has got potential and this is the reason it has managed to pull in $250,000 as backup in early phase, it has $120,000 in funding and still got 28 days left to complete the project.

Despite all the features the company has already stated that they cannot confirm that this model will be ideal for everyone since each one will have their own learning curve. Usually it might take just couple of hours to get a hang of the new keyboard but with this new keyboard it can take more than 2 months to master the keys. If time is not a constraint for people who are excited about getting this new keyboard, they can puck the Model 01 by paying around $299 in US, bout £190, AU$389 and expect the delivery by April 2016.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Self-Powered Smart Keyboard Can Self-Clean and Identify Users by the Way They Type

In the world of advance technology scientists have add one more milestone in cybersecurity by developing a self-powered, self-cleaning smart keyboard, which can identify its own users by their typing style. These smart keyboards can prevent the unauthorized users, who want to get the direct access to computers.

Zhong Lin Wang and their colleagues noted that password protection is the most common way to control the log on function in computers and to see the stored private information on any system. But as the technology is growing, hacking is increasing day by day, so passwords only can’t protect your system from any fraud or hacking as many high profile stories of hacking are in the news. So to protect the computer from vulnerable thefts Wang and her team was decided to find the cost-effective, more secure and user-friendly approach to safeguard the data of computers. Only few of know that our skin is dielectric and humans have electrostatic charges in their fingers, but Wang noted, if humans will touch anything, so it will be charged and these typing styles are unique as individuals and it could provide a new biometric to secure the computer.

In that efforts researchers have developed the smart keyboard, which can sense the typing patterns including typing speed and pressure applied to keys, on these two terms one can accurately distinguish the one individual user from another one.

So if someone know how to open your computer without password or knows your password, he or she will not be able to access your computer as that person type in different way than you. In this experiment energy generated from typing will shift in another small device or power itself, whereas; the special surface coating repels grime and dirt. Team of researchers or scientists concluded this as the keyboard can provide an additional layer of protection for boosting the security of computer system.

U.S. Department of Energy has funded the experiment, and this device was reported in journal ACS Nano that this device can prevent the unauthorized user access for computer. On Jan 21, 2015 ACS (American Chemical Society) release the news with smart keyboard’s security features by mentioning that this keyboard has self-cleaning and self-powering capabilities.

Apart from traditional keyboards this keyboard is made-up of mechanical keys and transparent film materials such as; vertically-stacked. Team of scientists begins with an additional layer of polyethylene terephthalate between other two layers which is of bottom electrodes at bottom and indium tin oxide (ITO) on top.

The whole keyboard operation is based on the coupling of electrostatic induction and contact electrification rather than the traditional mechanical keys. While typing, if finger contact to FEP than charges will be transferred from injecting electrons to contact interface by creating a positive charge.

As per experts, we believe that this new smart keyboard will be better than competitive and existing keyboards in terms of cost and as well as durability as this device is made-up of inexpensive materials, which is widely used in the electronics industry.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ergonomic Keyboard

With the help of the internet, users have the ability to view and make purchases from online stores providing various products and catering to the needs of their customers. Reliable providers have been catering to high quality computer products and accessories and improvements on all commodities have been on the rise bringing about a change in lifestyle which is easy and comfortable. We have leading providers of Ergonomic Keyboard, Ergonomic mice, laptop and tablet stand, bundles and ergo suites, numeric keyboard, mouse pads and wrist pad to improve on the lifestyle of individuals. Their unique range on slit computer keyboards can adjust from 0 – 30 degrees on vertical and horizontal planes to eliminate the tension and strain in tendons and joints. These products are designed with a purpose to enhance the comfort level of the user thereby reducing stress in their every day activity. Their products have been tested and proven to reduce workplace injuries, increase productivity, bringing about immense comfort from the usage of their products. Over 90% of the fortune 1000 companies around the world have been patronizing to their products, some of them worth mentioning are Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Sony, Intel, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, to name a few.

Users can take the opportunity of the user’s guide made available at the site on all the products which can be of tremendous help in making an appropriate choice on their various products on display. Besides this, their video library also proves to be of great help and for any queries with regards to the products; customers can get in touch with them through email where all support is rendered through their service team on board. Their return policy states that if products are shipped incorrectly, the same can be returned within 30 days of receipt along with the proof of purchase with all shipping cost borne by the service provider. Damaged or defective products have a one year manufacturer’s warranty and the provider would pay to have the product returned and tested within 30 days. Customers on their part need to submit an RMA form and obtain an RMA number before shipping back the product.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

CSP, the missing link between smartphones and laptops

CSP Phone or Computer Systems is a conceptual apparatus located halfway between smartphones and laptops. It was designed by Beau Designs. CSP is a bit wider than the existing smartphones. It features a multitouch screen and a retractable keyboard. For his "demonstration", Computer Systems Phone uses Windows as the operating system.