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Sunday 1 May 2022

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse

If you usually work late-night shifts or have to share a workspace with others, you must look for a silent mouse. Logitech Signature M650 Mouse is a perfect model that you can use for a distraction-free and productive environment. It comes in a contoured & symmetrical shape and contains two buttons on the left side. The Logitech Options+ software allows you to reprogram these buttons to function as media controls, hotkeys, or even gesture controls.

Generally, it can make you feel comfortable while operating. But people with large or extra-large hands can find it small while using. However, don't worry as the company offers a larger version for people with large and extra-large hands. The model comes in a left-handed variant with the buttons on the right-hand side, making it unique to its users.

Although the product doesn't have a dedicated thumbwheel or L/R scroll wheel tilts, it allows you to scroll horizontally. You only have to tap on a side button and move the wheel together. The scroll wheel enables you to unlock to scroll freely during fast flicking. However, it isn't a dedicated mode as the company's other version, MX Master 3. If you are looking for a wireless model, it is a must-pick. Let's have a look at the review of the product.

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse Description:

This mouse offers line-by-line precision using its adaptive scroll SmartWheel feature. Besides, it can automatically switch to superfast free spin mode with the flick of a finger. The model is for everyone as it comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

In addition, the model has excellent features like customizable side buttons and seamless wireless connectivity. Its SilentTouch technology lets you click silently to keep you focused.

Moreover, the product can offer long battery life. However, you should know that battery life can vary depending on your computing conditions. If you are willing to have a smooth computing experience, Logitech Signature M650 Mouse is something necessary for you.

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse Dimensions:

The medium-sized model comes in 4.26 in (108.2 mm) height, 2.4 in (61 mm) width, and 1.52 in (38.8 mm) depth. Besides, it weighs 3.58 oz (101.4 g).

On the other hand, the large-sized model comes in 4.67 in (118.7 mm) height, 2.61 in (66.2 mm) width, and 1.65 in (42 mm) depth. It weighs 4.07 oz (115.4 g).

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse System requirements:

The product comes with a Logi Bolt USB Receiver that requires USB Port. If you are willing to use the model, you must have Windows 10,11 or later; macOS 10.10 or later; Linux 11; Chrome OS 12 version.

Features of Logitech Signature M650 Mouse:

Advanced optical tracking:

It comes with advanced optical tracking that can provide a nominal value of 400 dpi. Besides, the feature can deliver smooth navigation by offering a maximum of up to 4000 dpi resolution.

Great experience:

The model is easy to set up and can offer precision scrolling. Its excellent design allows you to use for all day long with great comfort. The functionality of the product helps it to make up a workforce tool that users want.

Versatile support:

You can use the mouse with famous enterprise OSs and business apps on PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Logi Options+ app:

The gadget features an app enabling you to customize it for Business. It helps to streamline repetitive tasks and boost output with greater efficiency.

Logi Bolt Wireless Technology:

It allows you to connect a maximum of up to 10 meters or 33 feet, even in congested wireless environments. The wireless range relies on the OS environment and computer setup.


It comes in different sizes. Besides, you can see rubber side rails and soft thumb areas offering additional comfort here.


While the model comes with SmartWheel switches, there are five buttons also — Left/Right-click, Back/Forward, & Middle click.

Silent Touch Technology:

With the help of this technology, the noise gets decreased by over 90% compared to the M185 version. It comes with an independent 3 feet lab helping you to measure left click and your dBA level.

Battery Life:

You can get up to 24 months of Battery life, but the feature varies on computing conditions. It has an AA battery included.


This model consists of recycled plastic used to decrease carbon footprints. Its USB receiver can offer a wireless range of 10m. As a result, surfing is possible through websites at a convenient distance. In addition, it can provide superfast scrolling for long web pages.

Suitable for hand:

It is available for small, medium, & large-sized hands. As a result, all users can use it with ease.

Connect as you prefer:

You can instantly connect the wireless model through Bluetooth Low Energy or Logi Bolt USB receiver. It can offer you hassle-free connectivity every time.

Support many platforms:

The gadget enables you to use it in Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPad OS, and Android OSs. Thus, you can have a seamless compatibility experience.

Customizable side buttons:

What makes it unique is its side buttons. You can customize the buttons for favorite shortcuts to work quickly and efficiently, such as back/forward or copy/paste.

Price and availability:

The product comes in regular & large, left- and right-handed, and a Business variant. It is available on Logitech's website and retailers like Amazon & Best Buy at $39.99.


  • Hassle-free connectivity always 
  • 24 months Battery life 
  • Silent Touch Technology 
  • Customizable side buttons for fast working 
  • Compatible with different platforms like windows, Chrome OS, Linux, etc. 


  • Unable to connect multiple devices at a time

The bottom line:

The Logitech Signature M650 mouse is effective for office uses. Although there are not multiple programmable inputs, you can perform a few productivity-related tasks like copying and pasting or media controls using those buttons. Besides, it is also possible to program gesture controls.

If you hold down any of these side buttons, it can work as a toggle between horizontal and vertical scrolling modes. Besides, you have to take the help of Bluetooth or its USB receiver to connect it wirelessly. But it doesn't allow you to pair with more than one device at a time. We hope you have got enough details from this gadget reviewed article.

Thursday 6 January 2022

Logitech Pop Key Keyboard

Logitech Pop Key Keyboard

The Pop keys make this keyboard undeniably a cute little one. It comes with excellent features like multi-year battery life and easy cross-device compatibility. Besides, you can find a TikTok-friendly aesthetic and novelties-like keys on this keyboard. These Pop Keys' typewriter-style keycaps may seem to you eye-catching on social media, but in real life, these are hard to type on. Recently, pop keys have been available in the United States, and they will be available in Europe soon.

Basic Specification:

If you consider the basic specifications, there is something not right. The keyboard is not rechargeable, but it offers three years of battery life. An included pair of AAA batteries make the keyboard special. Using this, you can connect a maximum of 3 devices via Bluetooth. If you use Logitech's Bolt USB receiver, you can connect a maximum of two Bluetooth devices plus one. There are F1 to F3 buttons that allow you to switch between these. It is available in three different colors in the market: pink, yellow and black; or purple and yellow.

Pop Keys:

Due to the pop keys, you can see a 75 percent keyboard layout. It indicates that the keyboard is more compact compared to a full-size keyboard. Besides, it is equipped with a function row and arrow keys. You are capable of changing this in Logitech's settings.

An Fn key is there, using which you can access the more standard F1 - F12 buttons. You can see five programmable keys at the right side of the keyboard, where the keys are specially designed for typing different emoji symbols.

A key enables you to open up the emoji selection menu. The company is now adding keys with additional emoji symbols. These pop keys are compatible with both Mac and Windows. The function is quite fine, but it may look messy to you.

Emoji Keys:

The critical fact is that the pop keys have wasted five valuable keys on the emoji section. Instead of using these, the keyboard could have some useful buttons such as dedicated Home / End keys or Print Screen. Four emoji keys don't work until you install and configure Logitech's Options software. The key that helps open the OS-level emoji select menu does not need the software.

There is a tactile brown switch available under every key. If you want, you can remap the buttons to more useful keys, and it is possible with the help of Logitech's software. An option can remap these to separate keys or key combinations. If you are a Windows Operating System user, you can see that the F5 key is set up completely for launching the Snip & Sketch tool by default.

Functional Keys:

The key remaps don't remain saved to the keyboard. Therefore, you need to remap it whether you are willing to connect it to an alternative PC. Besides, the keycaps don't match the function if they are not emojis. In this case, third-party keycaps may be a solution, but you have to purchase them. Buttons from F1 to F3 allow you to switch between 3 paired devices. No problem is there with the switches below every button. TTC generates these tactile Cherry MX Brown clones.

The keycaps consist of ABS plastic. Other shapes don't seem to be well made, apart from the circular shape. These come with a coating with a UV-resistant finish. It makes the product idea and long-lasting. The plastic can become shiny over time and wear down too. It is one of the reasons also due to which it is recommended to use PBT plastic.


  • It offers users a decent typing experience. This feature makes a huge difference from a laptop keyboard. 
  • The keyboard enables you to connect up to 4 PCs, tablets, or phones. Bluetooth and/or the included Logi Bolt receiver are useful in this case. 
  • The batteries can be replaced and offer a battery life of up to three years. 
  • This battery features a Software-customizable function and emoji keys. 
  • As it is a reliable Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, the $100 price is acceptable. 


  • It may seem to you that the TTC Brown switches are fine, but these can't match the level of Cherry or Gateron switches. However, it is not for you if you want to use linear or clicky switches. 
  • You are unable to wear ABS plastic keycaps with printed-on legends in time. 
  • You should know one thing that all keycap sets don't fit comfortably but can be replaced. 
  • Some people may not prefer classy color schemes and emoji buttons. 

Extra Observations:

  • No height-adjustable feet are available on the keys. 
  • When you are going to use this, a smallholder can be seen. It is for the included Bolt receiver that is available in the battery compartment. 
  • You can find a small LED on the Caps Lock key. 
Having emoji keys is an excellent idea to add to the keyboard. But it is not beneficial practically because multiple people don't use these. Rather than adding the emoji keys, it would be better if some functional buttons were included.

Saturday 31 August 2013

Logitech TK820 an all-in-one keyboard with integrated touchpad

An integrated pad you use it as a Smartphone or tablet touch screen. Wipe back and tap with up to four fingers and 13 special gestures to recognize the TK820. On the touch surface that is larger than the sensor area of conventional notebooks, the cursor could be precisely controlled so that the use of an additional mouse is not necessary. Logitech integrates the functionality of a tablet surface into a keyboard; the wireless all-in-one keyboard TK820 recognizes zoom-, smudge-and other finger gestures. Logitech TK820, the all-in-one keyboard comes with integrated touchpad. The highlight of the keyboard is you can use an integrated pad as a Smartphone or tablet touch screen. Wipe back and tap with up to four fingers and 13 special gestures to recognize the TK820. On the touch surface that is the sensor area which is Innovative design: Wireless All-in-One Keyboard Logitech TK820 The Unifying wireless receiver provides wireless connectivity to a PC up to a distance of ten meters. Power involves the 780 gram light keyboard of four AA batteries, which allow the manufacturer an average operating time of six months. Downside: The touchpad is permanently mounted on the right side. Therefore, left-handers have no way to put the keyboard on their needs. According to sources the release will be happen at the IFA on 6 to September 11, 2013 in Berlin and the TK820 will be available for about 100 Euros.