Friday 17 April 2015

Logitech Bluetooth Adapter : Gadget Review

Logitech Bluetooth Adapter

Logitech Bluetooth Adapter Offers Simplicity Backed By Performance

In the world of gadgets Smartphones are the most talked and bought gadgets which are ruling the world right now. Still there are companies which are making huge sum by providing such gadgets which are necessary yet a buyer doesn’t know it. Logitech, JBL and other have invested a lot in creating high end Bluetooth speakers which offers impressive sound.

Usually the better sounding Bluetooth speakers are expensive and find very few takers. Most of the people are still using the 2.1 or 5.1 channel speaker system which offers perfect sound. Logitech is all set to bridge this gap of reliance of the old technology with its Bluetooth adapter which can easily turn any speaker system into a wireless system.

Logitech Brings Elegant and Compact Design

For a Bluetooth adapter it is size which matters and Logitech has craftily designed an ultra compact and handy adapter. Logitech Bluetooth Adapter measures just 50x50x23mm which can easily fit within the palm and it can easily kept hidden away from the view.

Tough plastic has been used to make it highly durable. This Bluetooth adapter supports Bluetooth v3.0 which a range of 15m and make sure that the connected devices are within the line of sight. A single button for Bluetooth had been placed at the top for pairing with other devices. The rear side of the adapter has 3.5mm and RCA outputs and a power socket. Furthermore a relatively small blue LED light is on the bottom side which blinks at the moment of pairing and remains constant once paired.

Logitech Bluetooth Adapter Brings Splendid Performance

In order to staring pairing process long pressing on Bluetooth button is required. Adapter requires to get paired for the first time only after which it connects automatically. It works splendidly across a wide range of devices like the home theatre system; Bluetooth enabled music players, Apple products like Macbook Air, iPhone and other smartphones.

Furthermore this adapter also gives the freedom of pairing with two different devices at the same time as audio source and users can actively switch between them. Once the connection is established the adapter simply converts the Bluetooth wireless data into analog signals which are transmitted to the connected speakers.

Whether you play music in the device or through speakers connected by the adapter the quality is almost same except for little which can only be picked when listened very closely. The Bluetooth connection remains firm when the connected device is placed in the clear line of sight while being away certain anomalies appear. Hence it will be wise to keep the devices in sight in order to enjoy music.

Give A New Life To Old Speakers With Bluetooth Adapter

The Logitech Bluetooth adapter was initially launched at the price of Rs. 1,999 but in the online sphere it can be easily bought at just Rs. 1,200. Now price shouldn’t be a concern for the enthusiastic individual who is looking for an alternative to enhance the capability of their age-old music systems.

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