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Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Livescribe Echo Smartpen = Record Audio/Take Notes/Play Back

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen enables the user to record audio at the time of taking notes and then plays back later. One can save as well as share interactive notes to the computer, iPhone or iPad through a micro-USB connection which also recharges the pen.

The memory storage capacity has 400 or 800 hours of recorded audio based on the model which includes an OLED display that makes the navigation of the smartpen app an easy one. We come across several mobile apps and desktop program offering amazing note taking capabilities though nothing can replace handwritten notes.

Typing could be more efficient but the truth is that writing by hand enables a person to learn better, retaining most of the information in the process which can stimulate the brain. Hence most of the students as well as professionals opt for analog notes instead of keyboards and searchable typed words.

 This has given way for the Echo Smartpen by Livescribe which helps in taking traditional ink notes while at the same time makes a digital copy of everything that is written. Moreover it also records everything heard or said as one writes. If one taps a word, the Smartpen can also play back whatever has been recorded while taking those notes.

Installation of Several Applications

A Livescribe smartpen is the size and weight of a big pen i.e. 5/8” x 6 1/8” and has a removable ball point ink cartridge, a microphone for recording audio, a speaker for playback, a small OLED display, internal flash memory that can capture handwritten notes, audio and drawings and an infra-red camera. The person has the option of recording audio besides the handwritten text.

 The recorded audio is kept indexed together with the handwritten text and on tapping on a written work could playback the recorded audio from that part of the recording done. Besides this, it also enables installation of several applications depending on the memory and ships with several applications.

If the user tends to tap on the correct images, it can perform as a calculator, or can also translate words wherein the translator software shipped comprises of 21 words in a small collection of languages. As of September 2010, there does not seem to be any public plans in making a full version of this translator accessible.

Livescribe Desktop Software – Element of Digitized Notes 

The amazing fact of the Echo Smartpen is that it has a capacity that goes well beyond paper and the Livescribe Desktop software has an element of digitized notes. This software can be downloaded at no cost. When the Echo Smartpen is connected to the computer with the provided micro-USB cord, the Livescribe software tends to sync the notes quickly with the associated audio wherein the notes can be viewed, exported, played back as well as organized into new folders.

Notes that are associated with audio tend to appear in green and on clicking on a word could prompt the audio and a real-time playback of note-taking. The interactive notes have been dubbed as `Pencasts’. When the user intends to share the notes with a colleague, it can be uploaded to the cloud account or saved on the computer and Livescribe enables you to export audio recordings, Pencasts, or the written notes with the help of its desktop software. In order to export notes, one could use the Ctrl-click for selection of the notes intending to export and then right click the selection choosing `Send X Page to …’.

To Memorize Terms – Develop Audible Study Sheet

Then the destination needs to be chosen such as Evernote, Google Docs, and Computer etc. Lastly one needs to choose to export the notes as a PDF, Pencast with a special .PDF format, m4a – audio or.PNG.

For quick access to the idependant audio recording one needs to go to the `Audio’ tab at the top and follow the same process for exporting audio files and one can share long lectures with their colleagues. Should the user need to memorize terms, they can develop an audible study sheet with the Echo Smartpen wherein they could start by writing out the terms needed to study on a single sheet and when completed, could record definitions for the respective term, by tapping `Record’ tap the word, say the definition and tap `Stop’.

The same process could be repeated for all the terms. This is a faster option than making flashcards though one might also benefit more from hearing the definitions. Should the user be without a notebook and would like to use the Smartpen as an audio recorder, they can then do that by long pressing the power button and a few seconds thereafter, the pen will beep indicating that recording has started.

In order to stop the recording, one could tap the power button once and the file gets saved. The file can be played back later on tapping the menu button on any given notebook page.

One can go to Main Menu > Paper Replay > Play Session and locate the recording. At the time of playing it back, any notes that are taken will be synced with the recorded audio.

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