Monday 20 April 2015

Producing Valuable Content: How to Get Stared

Every SEO expert will tell you that the key to a successful SEO campaign is valuable content. What they often forget to mention is the very definition of valuable content and how we can make them. Producing valuable content doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you know the basic guidelines to follow. To help you get started, we are going to discuss some useful tips on how to produce valuable content in this article.
Useful and Informative

The two aspects to consider when writing contents for your site are usefulness and the information you are adding to the contents. First of all, the article needs to offer some use to the visitors. A good way of making sure your site’s contents are useful is by placing yourself as a visitor and asking these questions:

  • Did I get tips and tricks from the article?
  • Is the article amusing?
  • Can I do something new with the information I get from the article?

Aside from being useful, an article should also be informative. News, updates and other contents that fall in the same category may not always be useful, but they can always be informative.

Concise and Readable

Here’s another set of aspects to keep in mind when developing valuable contents. Long articles are not always good, especially if most of the actual contents are not useful or informative enough to your users. Keep it short and concise to maximize the value of the content itself.

I’m not saying you can’t write long articles; as a matter of fact, you can. However, long articles need to be kept readable for them to be as valuable to users as shorter, more compact articles with a lot of information. To help make long articles more readable:

  • Divide the article into paragraphs and state what the paragraph is all about in the first sentence. Most of your users will scan through paragraphs quickly, so mentioning your point at the beginning of the paragraphs really helps.
  • Furthermore, divide the long article into parts with subtitles and pointers. An article that has subtitles are much easier to scan and are often more readable than those that only include long paragraphs.
  • Use images and visual elements to keep users engaged. Reading long articles online can be quite boring, so visual cues are needed to keep users glued to the screen. It will also make your site more appealing.

Credibility Matters! 

Writing an article for the web is not like writing an article for magazines or papers. Site owners tend to ‘forget’ about citing their sources and providing valid data. This will greatly damage the article’s credibility; of course, it will also damage the site’s credibility.

When you do present data from other sources, site the sources properly. Your users will automatically associate citations with better credibility, causing them to trust the contents you are displaying even more. According to SEO experts from Blue Hat Marketing, using inner-linking to cite other pages on your site is also a great for getting your site’s SEO performance up.

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