Friday, 17 April 2015

Leaked Details, If True, Point To Potent AMD Zen CPU

It has been more than a year that the potential new about the next-generation CPU architecture from AMD, and it has been code named which known as Zen however it is running in the fantasy of the fans of the company as well as among the people who are looking for more efficient competitor when compared to Intel. The technical configuration can differ, but all geeks should be ready to see the next generation chip full of wallop. The leaked slide is only a part of the highest-end part.

Even though the slide has manage to capture more than required focus, details of the chip might have drastic changes in terms of what it appears now and how it will be at the time of the launch. For instance, the leaked slide itself might not be accurate.

Reports from Fudzilla indicates that this new CPU will be able to offer nearly 16 Zen cores, in which each of the core will be further supporting 2 threads out of the total 32 threads. Rumors also suggest that this new core will be using Simultaneous Multithreading, which is completely opposite to the Clustered Multi-Threading on which the AMD has debuted as part of the Bulldozer family and has been in use for the past 4 years.

Every core has been backed up by 512K of L2 cache and with 32MB of L3 cache will be seen throughout the entire core. This clearly depicts that the L3 structure has been inspired from the Bulldozer. If AMD will be come over from the cache there might be a improvement in the performance. The new integrated GPU will also be offering double-precision floating point at every 1/2 single-precision speed.

Is it too good to be believed? 

The CPU layout shown in the leaked slide makes a lot of sense to everyone. People can clearly see at the modular part and AMD part wherein the Zen module consists 8 threads and 2MB of L2, some unbelievable L3 cache as well as of 4 CPU cores,. Nevertheless, what has been able to raise eyebrows among all the fans includes 64 lanes of PCIe 3.0, HBM interface, and quad-channel DDR4.

The reason being, the highest end servers from Intel pack comes with 32 PCI-Express lanes and even though the Quad-channel DDR4 is available, Intel can only support 4x DDR4-2133. You have to believe that HBM has arrived and the day is not far when it will integrate with servers and desktops since 16GB of HBM memory makes a whole lot of difference. However the Zen’s 512GBs memory interface is one of the most important achievements. This CPU is expected to be unveiled in another 12 to 18 months in the world of server.

AMD will be able to create history if they are able to meet the power consumption and IPC targets. Still the details have not yet been confirmed. It is expected that in coming days it will be big if company will be able to launch the device with 64 lanes of PCI-Express, a totally revamped CPU, integrated graphics processor and 16GB of HBM memory.

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