Thursday, 23 April 2015

Twitter Cuts Off DataSift To Step Up Its Own Big Data Business

In the recent push to generate the more revenue, leading micro-blogging site Twitter is building up its own business in the areas such as; commerce and advertising however; on last Friday company sets its move in another area which is big data analytics. Whereas; twitter has announced that soon it is going to terminate the agreements with all other third parties to resale the Firehose data, which is complete stream of Tweets which is related to metadata.

Not onwards Twitter, will use its own in-house based team for big data analytics, which is developed after the acquisition of Gnip in the year 2004, and now seek to develop the direct and most effective relationship with big brands, data companies and others to measure the latest market trends and the analysis of consumer sentiment with other trends which can be better understood by tracking the online behavior of users.

DataSift is one of the biggest companies which will be affected by the latest move of Twitter services, unfortunately this move is quick and DataSift was unable to post their own reaction on the issue of termination.

However; NTT Data, which is one of the company which deals in the Tweets of Japanese language is still listed as the Firehorse partner of Twitter at the time of announcement, but after few days the sources of Twitter has confirmed that NTT Data will be also affected by Friday’s announcement.

As per the statement of Nick Halstead, who is CEO of and founder of DataSift, My company was blindsided by Twitter’s announcement and this announcement was without any warning to DataSift. The more he added that we are discussing the renewal of the deal however; after being the Firehorse partner of Facebook and Twitter’s, it will not impact the business discussions.

However discussion is still I the middle of negotiations as Twitter wants them to be the partner of an open ecosystem. The all you can analyze by the last year move of Twitter when it has acquired the Gnip, which is one of the Firehose reseller and now competed against the DataSift.

The main reason behind the acquisition of Gnip was that Twitter believes that the best way to support the distribution of data of Twitter is to have its data customers with direct data relationships as most of the big data analysis is using the Twitter’s data and its analysis for developing the analytic solutions. Acquisition of Gnip was the first step of Twitter to develop he direct relationships with its data customers.

It’s clear that now social networking platforms are looking for more clear ways to use the data for analytics that seems an obvious process to do that. Still DataSift can work with Twitter. If any of the third party will buy data of Tweets from Twitter and they can supply it to DataSift to develop the new algorithms. Currently, company is in the process to raise a series of new funding as till now they have raised about $ 78 million.

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