Friday 26 June 2015

This Might Be the Most Beautiful Keyboard Ever Made

When it comes to computer, very less attention is given to the good old as well as the humble keyboards. They are considered like the utilitarian devices which are meant for helping people to carry out their computer functions as well as let the computer know our commands.

However, if these keyboards can be turned out to become a piece of art, something people might find pleasure looking at it for being gorgeous and waiting to get their hands on it. This is the main idea behind the new Keyboardio Model 01, which is a unique keyboard and has been able to pull lots of money being on Kickstarter. A single glance at the model is enough to let you know that it is different. There are many of us, who have already seen split keyboards, but nothing can match or look this till not.

It can be considered as a simple hint that it might a good time to mix nature with our automated world and technology. The Model 01 has been given a butterfly shape in the body and has been made out of hardwood maple, which allows smooth tree rings all around the keys.

The key switches have been made mechanical and the creators of 01 made them similar to the ones which are found on the Apple II. Each Keycap has been custom sculpted but still the layout of the keyboard has been based on the QWERTY layout. But despite this all the keys swoop all over the board in waves. The description of the product looks and sounds to very poetic, it sounds like someone was trying to make the keyboard feel like a musical instrument. The Model 01 is nothing like the previous keyboards, it is dynamic. The users can keep it laying flat, split it apart, it can be raised in the center and make it look like tripod, and it suits the typing style of every person. People, who are into flair, will truly appreciate the LEDs which have been tucked under every key and that too these are programmable.

This keyboard is piece of modern art which is functional. The project has got potential and this is the reason it has managed to pull in $250,000 as backup in early phase, it has $120,000 in funding and still got 28 days left to complete the project.

Despite all the features the company has already stated that they cannot confirm that this model will be ideal for everyone since each one will have their own learning curve. Usually it might take just couple of hours to get a hang of the new keyboard but with this new keyboard it can take more than 2 months to master the keys. If time is not a constraint for people who are excited about getting this new keyboard, they can puck the Model 01 by paying around $299 in US, bout £190, AU$389 and expect the delivery by April 2016.

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