Monday 1 June 2015

5 Things You Can Do By Shaking Your Smartphone

Shaking Smartphone to Get Things Done

There are various things that one can be done with the smartphone though most of them need to go through the user interface in order to get things done. One could do things by just shaking the device and from undoing typos to dating, there are five things which can be done by simply shaking the smartphone or even the power bank. If something is written and there is an error.

 The need of holding the delete key is now not essential and one could just shake the phone and this trick works with the iPhone which enables the user to undo or cancel any action by shaking the phone. Once the iPhone is shaken, a pop up window provides two options of `Undo or Cancel’. On tapping the option on Undo will remove the unwanted text just typed in. Should the need to restore arise; you could shake the iPhone again and tap the Redo option.

Shake to `Undo’ works apps are built in iOS such as Safari, Notes, Mail and Messages. Changing music by sliding down the playlist has become out-dated.

Shake to Shuffle seems to be a handy feature for the iPod Touch and iPhone users to rapidly shuffle their present playlist and the need to unlock the device and navigate through the Music app does not arise. By going to the music settings, this feature could be activated.

Shake to locate the charge available in power bank where most power banks tend to come with a button which indicates how much charge could be left. However the OnePlus Power does not seem to be the average power bank. One could simple shake it and the LED’s light that lights up provides the information on how much charge is available.

Shake to date – We Chat app provides a variety of features such as Live Chat, Group chat , Video calling as well as push-to-talk though the feature known as the `Shake’ feature is not known by many which helps the user to find new friends. To make use of this feature, all that is needed is to shake the phone and the app will be able to help the user to get connected with other individuals who tend to simultaneously shake their phone, at the same time.

Shake to get talktime and freebies – My Airtel’ app of Airtelhas come up with interesting features which enables prepaid users with free talktime, internet data packs as well as other offers. Prepaid subscribers of Airtel have to install the app and get connected with their account to find offers and to locate offers; they have to simply shake their phone when they are within the app. This feature presently functions only with Android.

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