Friday 19 June 2015

Windows 10 PC Squeezed Inside Quanta's Compute Plug

Reports suggest that a Taiwanese company has been able to create a plug like computer which is capable of running on the forthcoming version of Windows operating system (Windows 10) from Microsoft. Compute plug of Quanta has been designed in such a manner that it can be pushed directly into the wall power socket. It has an HDMI port that can be used for TV connections apart from having two USB sockets.

However we need to know that this is not the first time this kind of device has been made by any company or available in the market. A similar form of PCs was earlier promoted in 2009 by US Chipmaker Marvell. As if now, the Marvell's computers have not been able to set up a strong appeal in the market despite of targeting the device for being eco-friendly and best for use at schools and smart homes.

Fingerprint PCs

Microsoft released out details pertaining to the new Wi-Fi enables windows device on their official blog. The details indicated that the device has been designed in such a manner that it can e cable linked to any screen and turn the screen into voice-controlled portable computer. The blog also indicated that the new compute plug is like a mini PC as well as a power adaptor, which can be inserted into any outlet as well as connect with a TV and turn them into a smart computer. These can be controlled by using Bluetooth remote, Bluetooth headset and using Cortana.

Microsoft also revealed another device which was quite unusual and made by Foxconn. It is Taiwanese company who is popular for carrying out the assembling process of products of other companies. It has been currently names as Kangaroo. These devices squeezed Windows 10 powered PC in a box that pretty much looks like a portable hard disk which has been fitted with a fingerprint reader on the top of the device.

Microsoft has described this device as ultra-portable computer having the capability of turning a TV into a complete Windows 10 PC. At present no details has been released about the pricing or the specific launch date of the device. But market is expecting to get more details at the same time as that of Computex trade show. We have numerous concerns about the availability of the device.

According to Peter Bryer, CCS Insight consultant, none of the companies are out boasting about the computing power that can be achieved from these devices. People are waiting to use tiny computer and if they want, they are other products available in the market as well. Each day companies are coming forward with product creating a challenge for other companies.

From the customer’s perspective, we hope that we are able to see new designs and additional features. Today, computer are no longer categorised into being luggages but they have now transformed into tiny, short plug-in devices. One can only wait for the release of these devices to get details and reviews.

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