Tuesday 2 June 2015

Facebook Users Can Now See Biographical Information from New Friends

The messenger application of Facebook has been updated and user will now be able to see publicly biographical information such as job title and current city right above the message thread, from contact they have not even chatted before.

As per sources, the update was launched on iOS Android in the U.S., U.K., France and India.The Messenger will be displaying the information about the sender together with the prevailing Facebook friend that one had not messaged earlier and this latest update is said to fill the gap which LinkedIn as well as other social networking sites seemed to have lagged behind on their mobile applications.

For instance, if a person has received a message form one who is not your friend, Messenger tends to show that they are a `Food Blogger from `Seattle’. This bit of information could help you to recall that perhaps you could have met that person some time back and make you more likely to reply and get on with the conversation. Moreover, Messenger also tends to retrieve this type of information for existing Facebook friends one has never messaged before.

This sort of information could be helpful when messages are received from friend one may have not contacted earlier but on the information provided through the Messenger application, it tends to get easy to get on with the conversation after knowing that you could have met someday, that long forgotten friend.

Whatever may be the situation, whether about non-friends or people already added, Messenger tends to display information that is public or else visible to the user on Facebook, and does not overstep the privacy terms.

The new feature which is referred to as chat ID follows the release of Facebook’s Hello, where Android only caller ID app tends to intercept the phone and are capable of showing the information visible to the user on Facebook with regards to the caller, or block it, if it is from some unknown spammer.

The chat ID as well as the caller ID features displays Facebook’s rising interest in connecting the user and providing context about the people in one’s life and not just friends. This could help in developing new friend connections on the social network.

However it could also place Facebook as a larger tool for professional life also. Earlier Facebook had been sensitive about messages from user who were not friends and in some cases directing them to the often forgotten,`Other inbox’, which was usually filled with spam.

Many are not aware about it and while it protected people from unwanted message it also caused a bit of a problem when the user tends to miss out on a message from a long lost acquaintance due to the message going into the `Other inbox’.

Facebook informs that nothing seems to be changing on how the `other inbox’functions and one has been able to use Messenger in contacting non-friends. Younger generation tend to seem less dedicated to LinkedIn that feels as if it is lagging behind with regards to mobile and messaging and Facebook could be happy to fill in.

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