Friday 5 June 2015

Google's Project Vault Is a Security System Disguised As a MicroSD Card

The search engine giant is coming up with new project where it is planning to use make phones much more secure than ever by the use of microSD card which will act as the security powerhouse. In present both web and mobile security is the primary concern of consumers and enterprise companies because both have to secure their personal information such as; financial detail, clients detail and other very sensitive data, so it is expected that Google’s Project Vault will be much useful in future.

Recently, at the I/O developer conference, Google unveiled its latest projects. In Project Vault, Google is trying to make phone more secure, without changing the way to manufacture the Smartphones. On last Friday, the company announced its Project Vault, which will enable the microSD card to act as the the digital security system apart from traditional use where computers and phones was recognizing it as the storage device.

According to the statement of Regina Dugan, who is Team lead for ATAP or Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, Project Vault will make your mobile devices more secure than ever which is also known as big security in the small package. Google is trying to cater the need of consumers where due to advanced technology today users are able to get each and every service at on their Smartphones, but still the cyber security is their primary concern. It is expected that Project Vault will be useful for all the platforms such as; Android, iOS, Windows and OS X.

The Vault card will be the secure way to protect the data and personal information of phone or computer users. For an example:- It will be able to encrypt the chat messages which will be on app and by doing this it will provide the extra levels of security or secure authentication, so that device will be able to identify your correctly. In industry, the Google will be the first company to develop this kind of technology for personal use as well as for the use of enterprise companies.

According to Google officials it will easily meet the standards of consumers and high bar of well known companies. The card will have the NFC or near-field communication, chip for communication to contact to the nearby devices and 4 gigabytes of storage as well.

According to experts, unfortunately the consumer segment will not able to secure their mobile or other device anytime soon because in present, Google is developing its microSD card for enterprise companies and later it will focus on the consumer segment.

The idea behind this concept is that enterprise companies need to secure the data of their customers, clients and product information as well. Project Vault will provide the secure way to communicate and store data as well for free services such as; Gmail email service, Google Maps, Chrome Web browser and more. Officially, Google has not stated that when it will launch the SD card as this tech giant is involve in several other projects.

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