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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Best 5 Android Apps to Make Free Calls

In internet there are some online services for making calls. If you call your buddies at free of cost, you will be very happy. Right? Then this article is right for you all. You can make calls now at free of cost. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to have contact with your loved ones and buddies all over the world without any cost. In this post, has provided the best 5 android application to make free calls in your android application and here it goes;

1. Skype App

In earlier Skype cannot be used by all the platform users. So they developed further more. And now we can use Skype in all platform mobiles. It offers instant messaging service, voice call, video call service, photo sharing service and video messaging service.

2. Google Hangouts App

After the release ofGoogle talk, Google introduced the Google hangouts which optimizes in all mobiles. Hangout allows chatting one to one or group chat, photo sharing, video calls etc. it can be used in iOS devices, Android Devices and windows phones. You can make video calls at a time with your 10 friends. You can also find the peoples who are in hangouts. It is represented in green and grey color. Green represents the people who all are in hangouts. And grey represents the people who all not in hangouts.

3. Yahoo! Messenger App

Yahoo Messenger application is the best application to make a video call. It is a cross platform application. And it works in all platforms. You can do chatting with your windows live and Facebook friends. It offers messaging service to the mobile numbers for both local and international at free of cost.

4. Tango App

Tango application allows you to connect with your buddies & families or you can make new friends. You are allowed to make the video calls and voice calls. You can send text messages and play games. Everything at free of cost. It can be considered as a social networking application. Because it provides the service to communicate and interact with so many friends as many you want. This app became very popular at very short period of time. Once you created the account, next second the app will show the friends using the app. It can be used in various platforms. You are able to do a group chat up to 50 members. You can do chat with animated and fun icons. You can share your photos too.

5. ooVoo Video Call App

OoVoo application introduced multi-stream video calling, which means you can do video call at a time with 12 members. All over the world 75 million users are there. This application has self-capability of adjusting the video call according with your speed. So you can continue your conversation without any intervention. You are able to set your video status messages. And also you can set speed dial for your 5 best friends. This application allows you to see the friend’s profile.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

New Free Caller ID App “Holaa” Launched to Take On TrueCaller

This free caller ID app allow the call receiver to identify the caller’s name, location, present photo, network and it also help to block the spam calls. 

Nimbuzz, a new call telecom group announced the launch of new platform “Holaa” for call management. Latest appHolaa” was created in India by the team of young developers, which allow the users to identify the name, location, his or her photo during an incoming call with the advantage of spam calls blocking. Nimbuzz, a VoIP service provider and mobile messaging company was acquired by UK-based Company and last month ISP New Telecom has launched the Android dialer app named as “Holaa”.

According to officials, Nimbuzz doesn’t have any future plans to release the Holaa on an iOS version because its targeting the emerging market not existing one. Soon Holaa will be launched in other countries such as; South Asia, where Nimbuzz has a strong market and also in the Middle East.

Holaa vs Truecaller: 

After the launch “Holaa” is considering as the competitor of Truecaller,but according to reports there isn’t something new as Truecaller also provides a advantage of spam call blocking, however the last month Truecaller had launched a new dialer app known as Truedialler for Android Phones & Windows Phone, which provides the info about the caller and also allow the user to search the unknown number on Truecaller.

Truedialler app searches both the Truecaller’s database and as well as user’s phonebook to provide the missing information about any specific number. As in India many of the users are getting a lot of unwanted calls, so TrueCaller app is extremely in Indians than western countries.

Features of “Holaa”: 

Holaa is one of the call management app which provides standard features such as; caller ID, in which user get the information about callers photo, location, network, & email ID with the caller name by phonebook synchronization and Facebook & Google accounts.

It also gives the missed call alerts and its activity tracker, which keep the tabs on duration the calls so that you can track the call duration. Holaa also provides the feature named as Smart Search, which allow the user to search for a any particular contact based on location, photo, name or email ID of the person.

The other interesting feature is call Merge, it provides the new information about a contact and allow the user to add the caller in phonebook instantly. For spam blocking Holaa app collects the information about spam-marked numbers on a a central server for proper function and if spam-marked number from any users calls, so app automatically identifies the number and blocks the same.

But for spam blocking users should have the active data connection or Wi-Fi network to look up spam-marked numbers from the database of central server. In present Holaa is calming that they have the data base of more than 300 million phone numbers, which can identify the unknown callers. Currently this app is available in English, Arabic, Persian, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

5 sites to download free Android Apps

5 sites to download free Android Apps
Android is the first choice for most tablets and smart phones. Android products are so cheap when compared to Apple, since Android is open source software. Most of the leading hardware manufacturing companies are using their own versions of the latest version of Android jelly bean for their tablets. The main advantage of android is there are so many varieties of products available in each cost. There are so many apps are available for Android. Nearly 700,000 apps are available currently in Android to help you to feel and make better experience on Android. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the app on Google Play or it is hard to choose among the various options available. There are so many websites to download the Android apps. Here are top 5 sites to download the free Android apps.

App Brain: 

The main thing in App Brain is you can make a list of installed apps and keep the backup in the same site itself. You can see the apps based on the top rated apps this week, paid apps, free apps and other such categories. In this you can also download wallpapers, widgets and sync them with your desktop. In this website you can also share the apps with your friends on Facebook.

Hand Mark: 

Hand Mark was initially a application creation website but now it becomes the platform to download various apps. In this website you can also download apps for Blackberry and Windows other than android. This also displays the apps based on different categories like popularity, price, top games, top apps, top ringtones or most download apps.


The main motto of this website is “any app for your phone”. This site provides apps for various OS like Android, Windows, iPhone and Blackberry. There are so many categories in this site like communication, News, Entertainment and Games etc.., you can also submit your own app in this site whether it is paid or free. In this you can create your account and re-download any paid apps in case you remove the app for some reason. You can also view your order history to know how much money you spend on the apps.


It claims to be the largest free app stores where there are more than three millions downloads have been done. There are so many offers and deals in case of paid apps. User can also earn points based on the paid apps to earn Gold. This website also provides apps for various platforms like Windows, Android and Blackberry. You can also view you previously downloaded app by login their site.


OpenAppMkt is an online android app download store from HTML5 apps. OpenAppMkt displays the top picks of the day along with the various categories. You can also download games, music, Travel, Sports, finance, business etc.., by creating account in a OpenAppMkt, you can initiate various sort of public discussion for different types of helps. OpenAppMkt allows you to surf different discussion which are discussed earlier.