Wednesday 27 May 2020

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Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies
With smart phones we can do a lot of things. We can look up information in a jiffy, shop online, listen to music, watch a movie and now more commonly- take a selfie with it too. The ability to take selfies also brought photo editing apps to go along with it. With everyone taking selfies and posting it to social media, people want to put their best foot forward or in this case post their best photo. That’s where photo editing apps comes into play. It’s not sufficient that we have some of the best cameras on phones today, we also need some excellent looking edited pictures as well. In this post we’ll take you through some of the best photo editing apps for selfies.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies 


This app, courtesy of Google, allows you to do a lot with your pictures, there are over 29 editing tools to choose from, with each tool having its own set of options. With this app at your fingertips you can edit not only raw files but also JPGs as well.

VSCO- This one will make you obsessed: 

By this point every one and their grandma must be using VSCO. If you happen to be the exception, let me warn you in advance you will become shortly obsessed with this app. This app not only allows you edit pictures but also take pictures on the app itself, edit them, take videos and edit them and also comes with a host of presets.

There is even a paid membership of $19.99 a year which gives you even more features to play around with.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Retrica: 

Need more filters? Look no further Retrica has them for you. This app comes with 100 filters. That’s not all either, you can even check these filters in real life before taking a selfie too. The app also allows you take live video, great for those vloggers out there and you can also create GIFs with it as well. Besides this, the free app also comes with stickers and collage options to try out.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Photo Wonder: 

This app takes the cake. It does everything from allows you to edit with tools such as blemish fix, slimify to allows you to use collages to give you a host of frames to use. It’s used by over 100 million users across 218 countries. Plus it does not hurt that it’s got excellent reviews on iTunes. This is a definite recommend.

Facetune to the rescue: 

This app comes to the rescue on those days that you just don’t feel good. It covers everything from wrinkles to blemishes to zits, creating a more perfect looking skin tone. There is even a reshape feature which makes you look thinner and taller, that’s taking it a bit too far if you ask me.
These are some of the best photo editing apps for selfies to try out.

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