Monday 1 June 2020

Android Volume Booster that works!

Android Volume Booster that works
When it comes to Android, there’s a lot that it can do. You can browse the internet, listen to music, watch movies and more. But what it does not do so well, is in the volume department. Somehow the volume in Android isn’t good enough. But all is not lost. There are apps out there that can help increase the volume as well as it make it more crisper sounding. In this post we’ll be showing you android volume booster that works!

Few Android Volume Booster that works Available in PlayStores

The first place to look when it comes to any app is the PlayStore and rightly so too. You get all kinds of apps under one roof, so to speak. The same goes for volume boosters too. The PlayStore has a huge collection of volume booster apps with different names, ratings and different downloads. The only problem is that they often do not work. Besides not working, these apps are loaded down with ad after ad, making them absolutely useless. So without wasting further time concentrating on apps that do not work and are laden down with spammy ads, lets’ take a look at some android volume booster that works.

Equalizer as an android volume booster that works:

Equalizers are the best when it comes to boosting the volume. They do just that and they do it well. There’s also an option where you can slide frequencies in case of any discrepancies in sound. The app named equalizer is good enough as well as it is simple to use too. With the app you can choose over 11 presets with the paid option offering even more. Another thing with the paid option is that you can add your own presets as well. In a nutshell:
  • Great android volume booster that works
  • Comes with 11 presets
  • Paid option has a make your own feature too

Equalizer FX:

This app is similar to the equalizer app mentioned above with the one difference it works with Google Play Music. That’s saying something. Many third party apps do not work with streaming services, or they do so at an extra cost. This one is the exception. Equalizer FX plays Google Play Music as a matter of course or in other words as standard. The effects tab in this app also comes with an enhance booster and bass boost, making the Equalizer really worth your while. In a nutshell:
  • Similar to Equalizer
  • Plays Google Play Music
  • Comes with a bass booster too

Precise volume as one of the android volume booster that works!

This app takes volume control to a whole new level. Precise volume is as comprehensive as it comes. Besides volume enhancement, it has various presets, the ability to set presets for different apps as well as presets for when you insert your earphones in. What’s more is that this app takes what another Android app can do with 15 presets and turns that into 100 presets. You get the most precise volume control ever with this app in tow. In a nutshell:
  • Precise volume control
  • Over 100 presets
  • Custom presets for various apps

VLC for Android:

If you happen to have problems when it comes to watching movies or videos then the VLC app will be the best for you. It can boost the volume to up to 200%. But it’s a little tricky to do so. You need to first go in to preferences> Video> Audio boost to get that to work. After this once you play a movie or video you have to first go into settings and then equalizer. Then start enjoying your movie! In a nutshell:
  • Great for movies and videos
  • Increases volume up to 200%

MX Player as an android volume booster that works:

MX player does much what VLC does. It increases your movie playing volume to 200% above what your phone can do. Plus it’s easy to use too. The gesture controls on the app help in that department. When playing a movie or video on your phone simply keep increasing the volume button. Don’t be daunted that the volume does not go higher than 15. Keep pressing the increase button and it will go further even though it shows otherwise. Once you leave the app, the volume goes back to normal.   In a nutshell:
  • Same like VLC
  • Volume increase in spite of what is shown
  • Goes back to normal once you exit the app

Podcast Addict:

When listening to a podcast you might have realized the volume being worse than usual. This is because many podcasts aren’t professionally recorded. Even on a phone with good speakers the sound isn’t that great. Here’s where podcast addict comes to the rescue. There are many podcast – volume – boosting – apps out there, but the best android volume booster that works for podcasts is this. It not only has your standard volume boosting abilities but also an equalizer to boot too. This helps you in selecting voices and increasing the volume while reducing audience and background sounds. In a nutshell:
  • Great for listening to podcasts
  • Comes with a volume booster as well as equalizer

Viper4Android as an android volume booster that works!

This is one of the best audio enhancing tools that you’ll ever come across. Once you’ve installed the app you can activate the eXtra loud feature which takes you from normal sound to something eXtra. There is even a speaker optimization feature which gives you the best bang for your own speakers. You can even adjust the volume for different apps as well. In a nutshell:
  • Comes with an eXtra Volume enhancing tool
  • Has speaker optimization as well
  • Can adjust the volume for different apps too
These are some of the best android volume booster that works. Some come with only volume enhancing tools while others come with other features that will make using those apps worth your while. The VLC app an MX player app are good to use for watching movies and videos while the others are good for any volume boosting activity.

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