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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Google I/O Rumours: Android M will Aim to Improve Battery, RAM Usage

Google I/O began on 28th May and a lot of rumors have started making its way out in the open. Most of it center round the new development and features integration in the Google’s latest and upcoming Android iteration which is termed as Android M. Rumors have indicated the effort is given towards boosting battery usage and RAM performance in the upcoming Android M.

Better Battery Life and Flawless Multi Tasking For Android Users In Store

These reports had been first publishing on the Android Police which has maintained that Google has some extraordinary plans to impeccably improve the battery in Android OS along with improving the RAM performance. The battery performance will be improved through cutting the number of “location checking.”

Google is focusing its energies towards reducing the RAM usage, which will bolster the multi taking on the Android devices. Improved RAM usage will make the device to run a wide number of apps with ease at the same time without any glitches and freezing. Google is also seeking to keep the activities to minimum when the device’s screen is off in order to save the battery for a longer period.

Set Privacy Controls In New Android M

An earlier report has affirmed that Google also has plans to bring new advanced feature in its Android OS to make it more secure and user friendly. Google will be reintroducing the feature to tweak the privacy controls in Android M. This feature will give the users the much-needed option of deciding what information they are willing to share with apps.

Apple’s prominent and much popular iOS already possesses this feature which allows its users to control which app will get access to which permission. Google’s plans of bringing a similar kind of feature will make Android OS at par with Apple’s iOS. But currently Android OS doesn’t have any such feature to restrict permissions like locations, contacts, messaging etc. during the installation of the app.

Android M To Make Debut In August 2015

The latest Android OS will make a debut in August, which is quite early by the Google’s standards. Moreover, it should be noted that new OS rollouts for the Android devices that do not come underway much earlier than the December. So most probably Android users will get the taste of the advanced OS no sooner than next year and it even depends on the manufactures to bring in updates after its release. This inconsistency in getting updates over a longer period of time rather than quick deployment can be blamed upon the fragmented ecosystem of Android.

However, one should not get too excited about these reports and rumors at the moment as it might even end up being a hoax. If these rumors happens to be true then Android users will be sure-shot winners wherein there device will become much more powerful and robust with its given specification. Users should wait for the time when Google Android M is revealed and launched. And it might happen the name of the Android may change at the last moment just like in case of Lollipop.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Google Aiming To Go Straight Into Car with Next Android

Google – A Version of Android, directly in Cars

Google is gearing for a version of Android which would be built directly in cars enabling the drivers to enjoy the benefits of the internet without the need of plugging to their smartphones, a version known as Android M, which would probably show up in a years’ time.

This would be a big step from Google’s present Android Auto software in its latest version of its smartphone operating system which needs a phone to be plugged into a compatible car with a built in screen to access streaming music, maps, together with other apps.

According to Vice President and Automotive Practice Leader of industry research firm Gartner, Thilo, Kowlowski, comments that it provides a strong hold for Google to be part of a vehicle instead of being an add-on, noting, that he was unaware of the latest plans of Google in this regard.

Should Google succeed with Android M, it would be the standard system in empowering a car entertainment system, navigations features and also access valuable data collected by the vehicle. This would strengthen Google’s position in a new market with its arch competing rival Apple Inc's CarPlay.

Google Services with Android Auto/Android M

With the help of direct integration, it would enable the driver to use Google services each time they turn on the ignition without the need of their phone, thus enabling Google with much better use of the cars sensors, camera as well as internet connection which are available in some new models.

According to a source which refrained from being identified and unauthorized to discuss the plans publicly, revealed that Google plans to roll out the next version of its operating systems which is expected in a year or so, though they have not provided any details or time frame for its long term plan of putting Android Auto, dubbed Android M, directly in the cars.

Google plans according to analysts, state that they could face several technical as well as business challenges which would include convincing automakers to integrate their services in their vehicles. Automobiles stand a better attractive prospect taking into account that technology companies are now designing appliances, wristwatch together with other gadgets which can now be connected to the internet. Besides this, according to U.S. Census data, majority of the individuals spend on an average around 50 minutes a day on their commute.

Embedded – Always `On’/Available 

With Android being built in cars, Google services would not be at risk of switching off whenever a smartphone battery tends to go off. For instances, with embedded, it is always on and available, and one does not have to depend on the phone being available there or to be `on’, comments a source, referring to the Android Auto, the built-in version.

This software could connected to other car components such as a built-in navigation system – Google Maps in order to indicate when the fuel content is low and also provide direction to the nearest available gas station. Besides this on tapping on to the car’s components, Google would also avail important information to feed its data hungry advertising business model according to some sources.

The source also informed that Android would need major improvements in performance as well as stability for car maker especially Android Auto which will need power-up instantly whenever the driver starts the car, instead of having to wait for over 30 seconds, as in the case of many smartphones.