Wednesday 6 June 2012

Scamander RRV, an amphibious sports car

During his lifetime, Peter Wheeler liked to drive to the races on the track, to hunt and also off-piste. Before giving up the ghost, the former manager of the English company TVR has devised a prototype car allowing him to combine his three passions.

Thus was born the Scamander RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle). It's a jeep taking the appearance of a sports car. Thanks to its capabilities, it can adapt to any surface. This is not all it is both an amphibious car capable of traveling on the surface of the water as on land. The late Peter Wheeler died in 2009 while Scamander RRV was still at the concept stage, so it does not project his birthplace. Taking up the torch, his wife and a team of engineers have made the effort to make the vehicle.

Scamander RRV has a 300 horsepower V6 engine. Made with foam, plastic and aluminum, it weighs only 1200 kg. The machine can reach a top speed of 200km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 Km / h in eight seconds.

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