Friday 29 June 2012

Apple continues to own the iPad name for $ 60 million

Apple released a legal battle around the iPad, and more specifically the name of its unit as being too generic competition. Its trial in China against Proview just settles amicably.

Proview is asserted owner of the name "iPad" in China and thus claiming $ 400 million to Apple for the operation of that name in the Chinese territory. When the case broke last April, Proview immediately made known its desire to "reach an agreement out of court.

 It is ultimately the solution will be preferred by Apple, which has reached an agreement out of court and paid $ 60 million to the Chinese company to retain ownership of the Apple name.

Apple did not seem more willing to run this business too long. The brand had already said it did not want to "abuse the rights of use of another brand," and therefore sought an agreement with Proview. Unbelievable…. Believe it!

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